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-The designation of "​**Official**"​ TCT Gatherings is probably overdue. We have been promoting, through our website, just about everything that is submitted and have not been as clear as we should be about the events that are generated by our regional representatives and from time to time by TCT members. +
-  +
-The qualifications for a listing as an official TCT Gathering (is a work in progress, but for now) the following guidelines are: +
-  - The Gathering is hosted by a Regional Representative or an active TCT member +
-  - TCT membership is a requirement for attendance. ​ Membership requirements must be clearly stated and collection of the Tin Can Tourists membership fee must be part of the rally registration process. Note: when the staff at Camp Dearborn asked callers for site reservations,​ many falsely said they were active members to secure a site thereby getting a price break granted to TCT and preventing a member from reserving that site. +
-  - The Regional Representative will be the clearing house for area events and recommend events that they feel meet the guidelines for the Official designation. The Regional Representative should be kept informed about the events overall organization. +
-  - Concourses will be limited to the Annual Gathering and Regional Rallies. TCT purchases the awards and provides some judging guidelines and wants to keep such awards "​special"​ by limiting the number of such events. It is up to the Regional Representative as to whether they want to provide a concours for attendees. Each geographical area is unique and the Regional Representative is best suited to decide if such an activity is to be provided.+
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