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-And was just wonreding ​about that too!+ 
 +===== About Me ===== 
 +===== Our Trailer ===== 
 +Comanche -  Ours is a 1967 
 +purchases this trailer on ebay from a dealer in Grand Rapids, Mich.  I do not know anything ​about this trailer other than it is a 1967 year according to the title. ​ I live in Omaha, NE and pull it with a 2001 Buick Regal. ​ I sought out this trailer because of the towing weight limit of my auto being 1,000 lbs. but allowed the convenience of an upright. 
 +===== Outside Pics ===== 
 +===== inside pics ===== 
 +===== Tow Vehicle ===== 
 +2001 Buick Regal 
 +===== The Combo ===== 
 +===== Why I love the Vintage Travel Trailers ===== 
 + I love Vintage Travel Trailers becaue they are light, provide all the necessary facilities for road travel enable a flexible schedule, and flexible over night locations (where no relatives or motels exist) The purchase price is ussually in my budget and they garner a lot of attention as well as compliments and envy! 
 +===== Rallies I've Attended ===== 
 +===== Where We've Travelled =====  
 +We traveled from the site of purchase, Grand Rapids, MI to our home in Omaha, NE.  Besides weekend and local camping, We have traveled to Livingston, MT via the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and then on to Yellowstone Nat. Park.  We traveled south from there viewing the Grand Teton Mountains and then back to Omaha. ​ The following weekend, I and my daughter and her two little ones traveled to North Platte, NE for a 4 day weekend. 
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