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====== Duguay, Ron and Lora ====== This is our 1985 Nissan 720 pick up Mirage Eagle RV. This Mirage was built in Elkhart, Indiana by Mirage. It is equipped with 12V, 110, and propane. Comes equipped with refrigerator, propane stove, propane heater, water storage and sink, and porta potty with dump. This vehicle is in pristine condition with only 26,000 original miles and I am the second owner. This vehicle was garaged kept most of it's life and the pictures show it. {{:dscn3596.jpg|}} This Mirage comes equipped with a 4 cylinder Z24 engine with a 5 speed overdrive standard transmission. {{:dscn3597.jpg|}} This Mirage, when I purchased it had 24,000 original miles. We have now added 3,000 no problem camping miles. {{:dscn3598.jpg|}} This is a one piece fiberglass camper top, molded onto a Nissan 720 pick up. {{:dscn3748.jpg|}} The drive train on this Mirage on the rear has dually wheels. {{:dscn3600.jpg|}} This picture shows the door in door. {{:dscn3760.jpg|}} This picture shows the door in door full opening. {{:dscn3767.jpg|}} Mirage comes with a 16 gallon capacity gas tank and gets 20 mpg at 65 miles an hour. {{:dscn3764.jpg|}} This photo shows the refrigerator, the pantry, kitchen stove and sink, as well as water storage closet. {{:dscn3768.jpg|}} This is an interior shot of the dinette, the porta potty and clothes closet with storage above seating area, as well as underneath the seats. {{:dscn3769.jpg|}} This is a view from the opening from the front seating area that goes into the back of the RV or the top sleeping berth. {{:dscn3788.jpg|}} This is the driver's side. Options include tilt steering wheel, power steering, cruise control, am fm radio and original cassette player! Power brakes. {{:copy_of_dscn3778.jpg|}} This is the passenger side with lots of roomy leg space and seats with lumbar support. {{:copy_of_dscn3776.jpg|}} This is the upper sleeping berth, sleeps two, open to the cab. {{:dscn3787.jpg|}} This is the dinette, which folds down and turns into another sleeping area for two. {{:dscn3782.jpg|}} This is the kitchen area. {{:copy_of_dscn3772.jpg|}} This picture is showing the privacy drape around the porta potty, with plenty of overhead lighting, as well as storage. {{:copy_of_dscn3770.jpg|}} This is the propane stove and sink. {{:dscn3783.jpg|}} This is the porta potty. {{:copy_of_dscn3773.jpg|}} A view into the back from the driver's side. {{:copy_of_dscn3779.jpg|}} A view into the back from the passenger side. {{:dscn3780.jpg|}} A central view right out the back door. {{:dscn3777.jpg|}} {{:picasabackground-003.jpg|}} This last picture is the most recent. Lora and I have owned this vehicle for four years and have logged on 16,000 fun miles. I have added new hubcaps, as we lost one original hubcap on a trip to Key West. I have also added a new front grill and original size roof air conditioner. We are looking forward to attending the St. Andrews State Park, Tin Can Tourists Event and seeing all the other wonderful vintage trailers, motorhomes and RVs. Thank you for taking a look at our pictures and we look forward to meeting you in the future. The Duguay's

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