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====== Eccles ====== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Eccles is one of the oldest and most respected names in British Caravanning, still manufactured 80 years on, nowadays as part of the Sterling Caravan range, in turn a member of the Swift Leisure Group. {{car3.jpg|}} The first production of 50 units from the Eccles factory in Birmingham is believed to have commenced in 1919, and is chronicled as the first "conventional" caravan designed to be towed by a normal car, using a towbar and single axle. Sometime between the First and Second World Wars, an "Eccles Caravan Owners Club" was known to have been in existence, however little or no information survives from this period. ===== Years built ===== ===== Models ===== ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== 1926 British ad for Eccles trailer caravans {{eccles.jpg|}} {{46eccles.jpg|}} {{carwm2.jpg|}} {{eccles19.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== ===== Clubs/Links ===== [[|Owners Club]]

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