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 +=====1959 Shasta===== ​
 +===== Owner: Lisa =====
 +===== I am a Shasta Owner who comes by the love of trailers from spending many summers of my youth at the trailer park my grandparents owned in the Pennsylvania mountains! I still remember the beautiful interior! We always loved Grammy'​s place! :-) I am a mom of two teens who have forgotten how fun it is to camp! I am embarking on my first trailer restoration,​ with some opposition! But I see the gem! Fortunately mine doesn'​t need alot of work! But isn't that the way it always starts? ​ =====
 +===== 1959 Shasta=====
 +===== Outside Pics To come! =====
 +===== Inside Pics To come! =====
 +===== We tow our '59 with a Ford F350  =====
 +===== I love Vintage Travel Trailers because it's in my blood! They appeal to the gypsy in me! =====
 +===== Have not attended any rallies yet but have been perusing the lists and plan to put one on the list for the summer! ====
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