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====== Franklin ====== Franklin Coach Co. Nappanee, IN 46550 Ph. 574-773-4106 Founder: Paul Abel ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Taken from the company's website [[]] Franklin Coach Co., Inc. is one of the oldest R.V Manufacturers that has the same ownership from its inception till today. Franklin Coach Co., Inc. was founded in 1945 to build what was then called trailers by Paul Abel and a partner and since 1957 has been solely owned by Mr. Paul Abel. That makes Franklin Coach Co., Inc. one of the only R.V. manufactures that has the same continuous ownership for 60 years. Mr. Paul Abel is one of the real pioneers of the RV industry. He was instrumental in founding an organization to bring standards to the RV industry and that organization today is called the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). He was president of RVIA for many years and was inducted into the Recreational Vehicle RVMH hall of fame in its second year. While Paul Abel continues to work on design and engineering of Franklin RV's today the company is run by 2 of his sons, Rick Abel and Steve Abel, who each have more that 30 years of RV manufacturing experience. 2006 ===== Years built ===== 1945-present day 19 ft caravan ===== Models ===== ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== }===== Pictures ===== ===== Some owners ===== ===== Clubs/Links ===== No known clubs.

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