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===== Manufacturer and Historical Information ===== **1963 FAN - restored and residing in Woodstock, IL since 2006** __** - Excerpt from - The Truth**__ Published: Saturday, February 25, 2006 By Marilyn Odendahl Truth Staff //By 1970, Fan Coach Co. was producing 3,000 recreational vehicles and boasting sales around $10 million. Fan's glowing financial record is what attracted the attention of W.R. Grace Co., an international chemical and petroleum business that wanted a part of the recreation and leisure industry. Franklin and Maxine Newcomer had started Fan Coach in 1954 and when the Grace Company called in 1970, the couple decided to sell and retire to a life of traveling. But under Grace's leadership, the little RV Company saw production and revenue decline every year until the plant was closed in 1974. In that year, the plant built only 200 units and most of those just sat on the company's lot next to the other 250 units that were unsold from the year before. The Newcomers bought the company back from Grace in 1974, reopened and rebuilt it to the point where it once again attracted attention. This time, the couple sold to their Middlebury neighbors, Coachmen Industries.// ===== Interior ===== **This 1963 FAN Has:** **When originally restored and purchased in May of 2006 from Trailerworks, Beaufort, SC:** • Back Bathroom with a new toilet, original wash basin, 3 shelving storage area on door side with the original mirrored medicine cabinet • Front Dinette - folds down to a Double bed • Door side Gaucho sofa - folds out to a Double bed • Kitchen complete with stove/oven, sink and new 2-way Domectic fridge (old one pooped out) • Plenty of storage on kitchen side wall with 3 drawers to the right and under the sink • More storage to the left of the sink, with full length Mirrored Cloths Closet and full length Storage Pantry (next to the cloths closet) • Additional storage is above and under the Dinette seating and Gaucho seating areas • Fresh water and black water tanks (no grey tank, hot water or heater) • New matching window treatments and upholstery for the dinette and gaucho seating (keeping original color theme) • New flooring • New roof top air conditioner • New Vintage-look Awning with poles and carrying bag • Clear Illinois Title **Newer additions to the Fan (since originally restored and purchased):** • New spare tire with baby moon hubcap mounted on back bumper • New retractable step for the front door • New electrical outlet in the kitchen • New exterior suicide door locks for wind control while traveling • New, role shades under custom window valances and custom privacy curtain for bathroom ===== Buffing instructions ===== **Tin Can Buffing – (from conversations w Trialerworks)** Buffing Machine (Porter – Cable 336SP) – bottom red adjustment wheel (take off rings). Turn to “5” (6 is very strong). Turn Foam Head on machine – cinch up (Terry towels are about $3 each), place terry towels over foam head – use soft cotton. **Step by Step** * Shake Diamond Brite often (product is located in Lowes Hardware stores by the “diamond” truck storage units). Very small amount is key. * Patch on outer circumference of disk with terry towel cover – using outer 1/3rd of pad (1 inch or nickel size). * Put machine on trailer and then start machine, black suet comes up (Up is "Black On" & Down is "Black Off") * Side to side is OK too (right to left to “polish on” or left to right to “take off” excess polish) * Use T-shirt Rags (100% cotton), 8” x8” squares – this cleans off last bits of diamond brite polish. * Final buffing - Use 3 tee shirts at low speed to do the finish polish. * **Tips** * If terry towel head gets matted down in step 1 – use nylon laundry brush to scuff up fibers so that they remain “fluffy”. * To prep trailer - prior to buffing use general car wash (such as Blue Coral) with a very “soft” brush; dry with a shammy cloth. * To remove tough tar use a tee shirt rag and hand apply diamond brite to remove tough tar. //No need to buff more than 1 to 2 times per year.// ===== Travel Log / Memories ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{:i.jpg|}} {{:fan_logo.jpg|}} {{:fan_at_barn_3.jpg|}} {{:fan_at_barn_1.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_bathroom_sink.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_beds_down.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_gas_light.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_view_to_bathroom.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_goucho_couch.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_inside_forward.jpg|}} {{:fan_-_polishing.jpg|}} ===== Prior Owners and Event History ===== This FAN has been: * Registerd in New York State * Salvaged from a Junk Yard -- with 3 coats of paint * Restored in Beaufort South Carolina by Trailerworks (2005) * Brought to its current home in Woodstock, IL (5/2006) * Participated in: - the Spring Dearbourn, Michigan TCT Rally (2007) - the Summer Montello, Wisconsin Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally (2006/2007/2008) - the Fall Vintage Trailer Get Together in Woodstock, Illinois (2008) * Newer additions to the Fan (since originally purchased) include a spare tire with baby moon hubcap, a new electrical outlet in the kitchen, a new retractable step for the front door, new exterior suicide door locks for wind control while traveling, role shades under custom window valances and custom privacy curtain for bathroom. ===== Clubs/Links - Personal Favorites ===== * Additional 1963 FAN Pictures * Fan Coach Company * Trailerworks * Will Oaks Campground * Tin Can Classified

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