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 Many Others? (Add those you know of) Many Others? (Add those you know of)
 +1984 Glendette 24'
 1986 Glenelle 14' travel model 1100lbs? 1986 Glenelle 14' travel model 1100lbs?
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 RoadWarrior'​s 1968 Orbit in need of some TLC... RoadWarrior'​s 1968 Orbit in need of some TLC...
 +The above trailer is NOT owned by Roadwarrior. I own it. It was owned by my Aunt and Uncle when this pic was taken. The purple splotch was from a paint sample as my uncle thought it would be funny to paint it Barney purple. We've since restored it. It is a 50's model manufactured in London, Ontario prior to Glendale moving to Strathroy. Thus it is not a 1968 Orbit. ​
 http://​​img404/​378/​camper002dx2.jpg http://​​img404/​378/​camper002dx2.jpg
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