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====== Go Tag a Long ====== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Built in Washingtonville, Ohio, south of Youngstown, Ohio. Years built mid 1960's thru mid 1980's Model sizes ranged between 14' thru 22' ===== Interiors ===== Stove, oven, sink, fridge,ice box,toilet, small holding tank above floor boxed in under toilet, gas furnace, gas lantern above stove (made by Humphrey in Kalamazoo, Michigan) a/c electric hookup, and a pressurized fresh water tank under the front bench seat Rear Bench seat pulls out to bed. Above is a cabinet that the front face is hinged and folds down into a bunk. Front has 2 bench seats with table in middle which turns into a bed with a storage cabinet above going across the width of the trailer. Toilet closet, clothing closet, built in drawers. Ceiling roof vent with hand crank, along with hand crank windows. linoleum flooring. 1/8 inch ceiling panel covered with vinyl ===== Standard Features ===== table, sink, stove, oven, toilet ===== Unique features/Options ===== toilet is mirror china created by Mansfield Sanitary, Inc of Perrysville, Ohio. Traveler brand model 906 or 908 undercarriage has a protective layer of material over the wood subfloor two propane bottles mounted on tongue aluminum exterior side skin panels with galvanized steel roof a/c electrical hookup above floor blackwater tank mounted under toilet and boxed in. ===== Prices ===== $200.00 through $3,000.00 dependant on condition, model, and features ===== Some owners ===== Rob and Ellen - Effort PA 1833 Krista Ainsworth - Vermont Tammy and Kevin - Goodrich,Ohio JR and Cynthia Rudzis - Owings, MD David and Brenda Bailey-Beaver, PA Jaime and Pavol Plecenik, Fort Lauderdale, FL Dave & Nanette Clarence NY Michele Fleming - Otter Lake, MI 48464 ===== Clubs/Links =====

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