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-====== Silver Streak 1978 Motor Home ====== 
- ​Yesterday,​ I picked up my motor home. My son went with me to get it,110 miles from home. I wanted my son to go and drive it back, as I was not sure what shape it was in. Sometimes things aren't exactly like people say they are. I didn't want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere,​with a broke down motor home. I paid $1800 sight unseen for the motor home, just because I wanted something to take camping and a roof over my head. 
- I did some research on the SS I found out it was a rare bird,not many made,or still on the road. I couldn'​t find much on the net at all about it. I started reading forums and going to sites,and realized what I bought was a vintage motor home. That's when I joined the Tin Can Tourists, and the AS forums,now I can't get enough of what everyone is doing, what neat trailers people have, and the wonderful people that are so helpful! 
- Chad and I talked on the way to get the motor home. I was nervous, hoping it wasn't in pieces and it actually ran, like the guy said! We pulled into the driveway and there sat the motor home. My son looked at me , and went, wow!! That is like new!! The guy gave us a tour of the motor home, see pictures,​there is very little to be done to this to get it in shape, it was awesome!! It was all original, and for the most part everything worked,a light bulb here and there,some cleaning, and a check by a mechanic, and it is ready to hit the road. I ran into a goldmine!! In the SS was all the documentation from day one, all the service manuals,​original cards and papers from the day it was bought. The folder is 4 inches thick, with the original plastic folder with Silver Streak logo on it. It has amazing things in it, plus all the specs on wiring and anything else you could imagine,​What a find!!! 
- The SS is a celebrity around here. I had people waiting at my house to see this baby. I will write more later,as I have to go to the doctor, this SS even has the original clock with th SS logo on it. 
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