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-====== Silver Streak 1978 MH ======+====== Silver Streak 1978 Motor Home ======
 {{:​ss_1978.jpg|}} {{:​ss_1978.jpg|}}
 +This year I am putting as much as I can into the SS, my goal is to get to some of the TCT rallies and share some time with the nice folks in this group! So, first I am going to concentrate on the mechanics, once I get all that lined up I will be on the road, and can work on other stuff as money and time allows.
 + I did some research on the SS I found out it was a rare bird,not many made,or still on the road. I couldn'​t find much on the net at all about it. I started reading forums and going to sites,and realized what I bought was a vintage motor home. That's when I joined the Tin Can Tourists, and the AS forums,now I can't get enough of what everyone is doing, what neat trailers people have, and the wonderful people that are so helpful!
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