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====== Hanson Love Bug ====== Hanson Trailer Sales was started by Henry M. Hanson Sr. in 1948. They not only built the Love Bug trailer line, but also built larger trailers known as custom coaches at the Hanson trailer factory. Hanson ran the business until 1958 when Kenskill took over operations. They continued to make the Love Bug trailers for two more years. ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Hanson Trailer Sales 2015 E. Alosta Avenue (Route 66) Glendora, California ===== Years Built ===== 1948 – 1958 Hanson Trailer Sales 1958 – 1960 Kenskill ===== Models ===== Models were made from 10’ to 22’ ===== Interiors ===== Interiors were finished wood with ample cabinet space, a dinette that seated four and were very spacious for their size. ===== Standard Features ===== Love Bugs included a refrigerator/ice box, stove, sink and dinette that could convert to a bed. They could sleep four, but did not come with a bathroom. ===== Unique Features/Options ===== A classic feature of the Love Bug trailers was the built-in magazine rack next to the bed. They included an option for an awning with a complete enclosure. They also included an insurance policy that provided protection from falling aircraft (a play on the small airport they had adjacent to their factory). ===== Prices ===== The Model 10 (10’ trailer) sold for $99 down and one payment of $635, or 36 monthly payments of $27.90. ===== Links ===== RV Life article on the restoration of a Hanson trailer for Henry Hanson’s son, Dean Hanson: [[]] ===== Pictures ===== {{:hanson_love_bug_nameplate.jpg?300 |}}{{ :hanson_trailer_poster.jpg?300|}} {{:hanson_1952_front.jpg?200 |}}{{ :hanson_1952_l_rear.jpg?200|}}

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