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Well....Where To Start? My name is Tim Heintz and I am the Tin Can Tourists Southeastern Representative I own Several Trailers.... A 1950 Spartanette Tandem, 1956 Hicks Mobiliner, 1960 Manorette Proto-type, 1966 Norris and a 1958 Skyline Deluxe. I started with old cars, a 1969 Bonniville Pontiac that my grandfather promised to give me since I could walk. He bought it off the show room floor in 1968. Today it still is all original, including the floor mats. (I have used this car to pull my Spartanette) In high School I bought a 1967 Mustang (just like my mom's.) So old cars have always been a part of my life. I guess the trailers came in when I started to notice that the House Trailer that my grandparents live in was differnt than most. It was a 1958 Skyline Deluxe that they bought new in 1958. It is 45' and has two bedrooms. They pulled it everywhere through the late 70's until my grandfather retired in Florida. (he was a traveling welder) He traveled along with his brother who had a 1958 Magnolia 38'. It must have been a site seeing them travel through the cities (not many interstates) The line up was: My grandfathers One Ton International truck pulling the 45' Skyline, followed by his brother's One Tone chevy truck pulling the 38' Magnolia, followed by his wife in their 1960 Catalina pontiac with 2 kids a cat and a dog, followed by my grandmother in their 1969 Bonniville Pontiac with 3 kids and 2 dogs!!! WHAT A LINE UP!!!! and that was traveling through downtown Birmingham, Atlanta, and even Nashville!!!! Anyway All of those pictures must have got me interested because at the age of 18 I bought my first vintage Trailer: A 1956 Hicks Mobiliner which became my dorm room in college. It was a lot cheaper living in a park at $350 including water, power, internet, sewer, and garbage. All of my friends were paying $800 just for a bedroom!!!! They were a little jelous needless to say!!!!! So after I was done with the Hicks I had the "addiction" {{wiki:0001.jpg|}} Paid $400 and Towed her home, What a mess!!!!!! {{wiki:0002.jpg|}} Where To Start!!!!! Thankfully the guy I bought it from Saved everthing for some reason, he was going to make a fish camp out of it!!!! Not to restore but everything was there as far as the walls and pluming fixtures!!! Stove, Frig.,and heater were long gone!!!! {{wiki:0003.jpg|}} Trailer had 3 hot water heaters, 2 frigs., 2 stoves, 2 airs, heaters, and 4 tires IN IT!!!!!! After sorting through all the trash the ceiling fan was first to GO!!!! {{wiki:0004.jpg|}} Back half paneling was gone inside and all that was left "installed were the kitchen cabniets, The fron half was decent as far as the paneling goes! {{wiki:0005.jpg|}} New paneling in the back and the original walls start going back up!!!!!! {{wiki:0006.jpg|}} New replacement Masonite Kitchen wall covering and then back go the original Kichen Cabinets!!! Yes that is a WIZARD Frig. Found it locally for $80 Still working and it fit the space, what are the chances {{wiki:0007.jpg|}} Another Look at the Kitchen/Dinning {{wiki:0008.jpg|}} Finished Kitchen!!!!!! {{wiki:0009.jpg|====== Level 1 Headline ====== }} Finished Livingroom {{wiki:00010.jpg|}} Preping outside for painting the original paint lines, took 6+ months to locate and trace all og the wild paint lines!!!! {{wiki:00011.jpg|}} Taped and ready for the first base coat of Green!!! {{wiki:00012.jpg|}} Finished Paint, Just like New!!!!!!! {{hicks_1.jpg|}} {{maiden_voyage.jpg|}} (Hicks AD FROM 1958)_._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._(My Trailer's Maiden Voyage) I NEEDED another project!!!!! That led to the purchase of my next trailer...... I had always wanted a Spartanette and just couldn't find one before college so the Hicks had to work, but now I still wanted a Spartanette. I kept an eye out on ebay and saw a Spartanette but didn't pay much attention as it was final exam week at college and had other things to worry about. Two months later there was another Spartanette and I couldn't let it go by. I watched it until the very end and won the auction. So it was off to Tennessee to pick the trailer up. When I got there he told me the story...... The first Spartanette I saw on ebay (and fell in love with) was the same trailer. The first winning bid was $3850.00 and the buyer paid $500 down and never came to get it! So he relisted the trailer with no reserve and a low bid thinking that it would get back around $4000.00, Well, he listed it wrong and somehow I found it and my winning bid was $861.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!! {{wiki:00013.jpg|}} Paid.....And hooking up to tow home!!!!!!! {{3..jpg|}} (Pulling her home for the first time, Still had 470 miles to go at that picture!!!) {{wiki:00014.jpg|}} After Getting home....The Shag Carpet Had To GO!!!!!!!!!! {{wiki:00015.jpg|}} Interior as bought! {{wiki:00016.jpg|}} Very ugly and very unoriginal couch!!! {{wiki:00017.jpg|}} Looking back through the kitchen from the living room. {{wiki:00018.jpg|}} Well, the original tag was srcewed over the heater opening that was hidden by the Shagg carpet!!!! {{wiki:00019.jpg|}} Kitchen was in great shape, just a little dirty! {{wiki:00020.jpg|}} Back window LEAKED very badly!!! {{wiki:00021.jpg|}} Bathroom was repainted a long time ago with LEAD PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{wiki:00022.jpg|}} SANDING! {{wiki:00023.jpg|}} AND SANDING! {{wiki:00024.jpg|}} AND MORE SANDING!!!!!! Had to Hand Sand all Wood!! {{wiki:00025.jpg|}} Rusty Frig, but Still Worked!!!!! Sanding and then painting With Marine Paint does wonders!!!!(and of Course BLEACH) Looks New Now {{wiki:00031.jpg|}} Finishing the Living Room {{wiki:00032.jpg|}} Looking Good {{wiki:00033.jpg|}} Living Room {{wiki:00034.jpg|}} TV Shelf {{wiki:00035.jpg|}} Living Room {{wiki:00030.jpg|}} Rear of trailer, CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL TURN SIGNALS!!!!! {{wiki:00029.jpg|}} Close up of TURN SIGNALS {{wiki:00036.jpg|}} First outing with her, Tin Can Tourists Winter Rally 2007 Cedar Key Florida It took 18 months to get it in good enough shape to take to rallies. but she looks very good on the inside. I still have a lot of work to do on the outside, But the inside must be perfect as I just won BEST OF SHOW at the Koreshan State Historic Site Rally in Estero Florida on Nov. 3, 2007 and 2008. Also won Awesome Interior at the National May 2009 MI Rally Keep and eye out for me on the Florida Roads as I always attend the TCT Winter Rallies From Nov. to March!!!!!!!!! I will be at: Tallahassee State Capitol Vintage Trailer Exhibit Nov. 5th 2011 Estero Florida Rally in Nov. 2011 Cedar Key FL Rally Jan 2011 Serotoma Youth Ranch, Florida / Winter Convention Rally Feb. 2011 Be Sure to chek out my Vintage Trailer Website at Feel Free to ask questions or post Comments here: COMMENTS: *

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