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-您会收到他们的两个邮件,一个邮件确认购买成功,另外一个邮件里会有一个 link。您用那个link就可以下载了。You will receive two elmias. One mail is confirm that your transaction has been processedThe other email will have a link for you to download the movie.带有link的邮件subject是 Premier Music & VideoInc.: Order #99999 Access ​to electronically distributed products granted(Order的序列号是五位数字,我用9999代替了。)The email with the link has the subject ​ Premier Music & Video, Inc.: Order #99999 Access ​to electronically distributed products granted (The order number is a 5 digits numberI used 99999 here.)Enjoy!+Cliff & Karen Heitz 
 +Trailer: 1966 Serro Scotty 
 +Tow vehicle: Town & Country Minivan 
 +Hometown: Simpsonville,​ South Carolina 
 +We have been enjoying our Scotty ​for a little over a year now. We are excited about attending rallies and traveling. ​ We look forward ​to meeting new people who also love their vintage trailers and camping ​Cliff'​s hobby is playing the hammer dulcimerguitar and pianoI have just started ​to learn the mountain dulicmer. ​ I also do family research and attend genealogy conferences  We hope to attend music festival festivals as well as vintage camper events See you all soon Cliff & Karen  Heitz
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