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 Im so excited to be living in this wonderful piece of Texas history.I hope to see more posts on here soon. Im so excited to be living in this wonderful piece of Texas history.I hope to see more posts on here soon.
 06/23/17 06/23/17
 +Jon C. Moon in Blairsville,​ Georgia (jonmoon @ - 07-28-2018 - I live in a 1961 36' Hicks Masterliner. My great uncle, Mell Jackson Breedlove, bought it second hand from a couple who were stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. They had pulled the trailer all the way to Georgia with a Ford Rambler station wagon. My great uncle bought it from them for $1,400 in the mid sixties. ​
 +Until his death in 1980, my great uncle lived in the trailer just outside my grandparents farmhouse in rural Gratis, Georgia (close to Athens). Uncle "​Mac"​ as we called him was a confirmed bachelor. He helped out with the farm work on my grandparents 100 acre cotton farm and dairy operation. Mac previously was in the Army in WWII (stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco, though never was sent overseas) and had worked for Bluebird building school buses. ​
 +After college I started working for the local newspaper here in Blairsville. ​ I had the crazy idea of moving Mac's old Hicks trailer here to live in (about 100 miles away in the mountains). ​ All my relatives thought I was crazy, but I knew it would be a cheap place to live and I had some family land here! My crazy uncle Al "​Snakebite"​ Baker (we all have a crazy uncle, right?) showed up with his work truck to move the Masterliner. About a quarter of the way there, one of the tires came off, rolling down the highway. We came to a stop in front of a small African American church having its service. A group of old black men poked their heads out the doors, probably wondering what these ignorant hillbillies were doing! However, with some rigging up, we made it to the next tiny town, where we ran into the mayor (and owner of the only store open on Sunday) said we could park the trailer right by City Hall until the next weekend. Round two went smoother, with a bigger truck and we made it to Blairsville - albeit taking a much longer route to avoid the steep and curvy mountain gap leading into the county.
 +Fast forward to now, my Hicks Masterliner has had so much renovation and additions it doesn'​t really look like a trailer. A real pitched roof was added early on, followed by wood siding and a front porch. A front room was added a few more years in and just this year I've completed renovations on the kitchen and bedroom. While I like the way my home looks now, sometimes I wax nostalgic thinking about the way it was when Uncle Mac lived here. Long live the Sixties and Hicks Mobile Homes!
 ===== Clubs/Links =====  ===== Clubs/Links ===== 
 Yahoo group- [[http://​​group/​Vintagetrailersandmobilehomes/​]] ​ Yahoo group- [[http://​​group/​Vintagetrailersandmobilehomes/​]] ​
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