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If you're creating a page about a brand of trailer/rv, you can use the teamplate below to get you started or feel free to delete this all and be as creative as you'd like. 1969 25A Avion Travel Trailer If your building a TCT Member Page - we'd like to know about you, your family, your travels, your trailer, what do you pull it with, what rallies to you attend, why you love vintage trailers and anything else you'd like to share with others. Here is a template you can start with: About: The Hokes are originally from the great state of Texas but now reside in the upstate of South Carolina. They both enjoy photography and traveling around the South East visiting historical locations and enjoying 4 seasons The Trailer: The Hokes are currently working on a 1969 25A Avion (Argonaut). Having moved up from an 18ft unit to 25 ft has made all the difference in the world. They've made some changes to the interior as all the gas fixtures and appliances had been removed when they purchased it. The cabinets and floorplan remain the same. Tow Vehicle: 2002 Toyota Sequoia Why they love Vintage Travel Trailers: One word sums it up "personality". Each of these units has it's own personallity and that is what has drawn John and Kim to a vintage camper. They are not fans of the new plastic impersonal boxes. Rallies: John and Kim will be attending the 2011 "Fall into Vintage" Rally in Rutherfordton, NC. This will be their first Rally. Kim is coordinating the event Where They Travel: The Hokes enjoy history and beautiful scenery so they typically stay close to the mountains of TN, VA, NC, SC, GA

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