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How to register, login and upload classifieds on TCT:

  1. Find the link to “register”, it will be on the righthand side of the dark gray bar, enter some info including email address. If you can't find the link on the page, here is a direct link to the register page:
  2. You'll get an email and you'll need to click on link to verify your email
  3. Now you'll have a userid/password set
  4. Come back to the site and now you can login (same area as the register link)
  5. Once logged in, you click on “Place An Ad” (same area as the register link)

Support the club if you use the service

The classified ads are a free service we provide but we encourage those that use the service to purchase a TCT membership for themselves or for the new owner to help offset the costs of the website and classified ad software.

Having problems posting your pictures with your Ad?

If the pictures you intend to use are very large in terms of file size (>1 meg), the Classified Ad system might not accept them and you'll need to resize them and make them smaller.

A simple way to resize your images is to use
Step 1: Select your photo from your computer
Step 2: Use the slider on the top right to reduce the image size (height and width) of the picture
Step 3: Click Save on the top left, then reduce the quality to 30% - rename the file to some it indicate it is the smaller version. This way you can start over with the original if the settings are good enough.

If you can't do it yourself, send the photos to and I'll upload them on your ad for you. How is that for service?

Want to add more pictures to the Ad?

You can add pictures in the body of the classified ad if you'd like. This takes a bit html and you need have placed the image out on the internet somewhere. I use flickr to upload images and then I can reference them in the body of the classfied ad.

Here is an example of that: <img src=“TYPE WHERE THE IMAGE IS LOCATED HERE” width=“XXX” height=“YYY” />

Using the width and height - you can resize the image to fit nicely in the classified ad.

Here is a working example: <img src=“” width=“500” height=“362” alt=“PatioLights” />

This will display like this:

My Classified Ad is marked as Sold and I didn't do it?

When you create a classified ad, your asked the question: “How long do you want your ad to run?” You can select up to 90 days. After that time period, the system will mark your ad as sold unless you come in and relist the ad. The reason for this is more times than not people forget to mark their ads as sold and then buyers become frustrated and sellers contact me to remove the ad or mark it as sold. This forces the seller to be active in the system and relist if the item is still for sale.

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