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My dad and I have secured the family trailer from my Grandmother. She and Grand-dad purchased this new in 1950 or 51'. An old registration found in the trailer indicates that it is a Columbia but we have been unable to locate a manufacturers plaque, sticker, or stamp anywhere on the trailer. The trailer was originally used as lodging during fishing trips after my grandparents grew tired of tent camping. The trailer was purchased and parked on some land they had bought and was used until 1991 when the cabin was built. The trailer was then parked on the property and went unused until last month when my Dad asked Grandmother about purchasing it. Well, she not only agreed to let it go but simply GAVE it to us. It needs some work and we plan on restoring it to it's former glory. We have already removed the wheels, replaced the tires, serviced the bearings, and put the wheels back on it. We have also gotten the hitch to work again after just a little WD-40. We will get it registered and then tow it out of it's mountain home and place it next to my house where the real restoration work will begin. ====== Columbia Trailer Co.====== ===== Somewhere in CA===== ===== Don't know. This is a 1950===== ===== Birch panelling ===== ===== Kerosene furnace, 3 burner Coleman Stove with oven, double bed aft, dinign table converts to another bed.===== ===== 1999 Olds Bravada for now but we have our eyes on a 1953 Ford Panel Delivery to restore in the future.===== ===== I am not sure I love travel trailers as a whole but this one has sentimental value and I have many fond memories of time spent in it.=====

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