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====== Hub ====== ===== Manufacturer Information ===== ===== Years built ===== ===== Models ===== ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{:40s_hub_2.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_3.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_4.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_5.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_6.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_7.jpg|}} {{:40s_hub_8.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== Cary & Beth Nickel. I had hoped to find some information about Hub trailers here. Imagine my surprise when I found the only thing posted were photos, from the Ebay listing, of the trailer we just purchased! We purchased the unit pictured in an Ebay Auction in August, 2008, and pulled it to it's new home about 30 miles southwest of Grants, New Mexico on August 31st. The previous owner only knew that the trailer was on his cabin property near Flagstaff, Arizona, when they bought it about 10 years ago, and was there when the previous owners bought the place too, a decade or two before that. Apparently some of the neighbors were sad to see it go, since it presence in the neighborhood predated most, if not all, of them. The unit's Arizona license plate expired in 1965. Being that the unit's flat tires were buried in fallen pine needles, apparently protecting them from the weather, coupled with the low side overhangs over the wheels, we were able to air up the tube-filled 7.00X15 tires, on lock-ring type wheels, and pull it the 250 or so miles with no problems. (I did have tires and tubes with me, just in case.) There is remarkably little information on the web about this brand of trailer. It's a fairly well preserved unit, solidly built, with little water damage and solid floor. It's missing the original heater and stove, a cabinet latch, a couple of 110 volt light fixtures, the glass off of another, and the glass off of one of the 12 volt interior lights. Outside, it's complete except for the propane tank and what looks like a spot where an emblem used to be. It will likely never move again. I plan to do some refurbishment on the inside. Some wood panels need replacement due to surface rippling from moisure, and a coat of new shellac all around is in order. A couple of the window levers were missing, and those windows are wired shut, but I found one of the levers on the floor. The floor is painted wood, but I plan to put some type of period similar floor tiles down. (Probably NOT from the box of asbestos floor tiles I found in one of the closets!) No one has any idea of the date of manufacture, as none of the paperwork shows a model year. With the license plate number, I may be able to research manufacture year at least, if inactive records are kept from that far back. The only hint I have so far is that it appears to have come from the factory with only one tail light. It really complements the 1955 Spartan Mansion that I put on our place a couple years ago! We'll be using this Hub trailer for storage, and for a "guest house", on our recreation property. ===== Clubs/Links =====

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