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Jewel trailers were made by: Trailer Industries Inc., 2310 N. Rosemead Blvd., El Monte, CA.

Years built

I just bought a Jewel off ebay and am going to pick it up Labor day weekend. It was advertised as a 1954, but he does not have a title or any paperwork to support it. Can any of you tell me if you think this is possible and how to tell? I will look for a VIN sticker or any identifying information, but I know the outside was spray painted white not long ago, I will check on the inside. It “looks” in pretty good condition on the inside and does have the rounded cabinets with mint green appliances & formica top on the counter & table. My email address is and I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Thanks! (I am pulling it home from CA starting Labor Day weekend 2010, wish me luck!)


From the one Jewel trailer I am restoring, there are a couple things unique about them. One is the use of round corner wood cabinets. Mine also has a half bathroom: toilet and sink with a hot water heater. It has a galvanized lined drawer with drain, the purpose, as per it's original owner, was to use as a bath tub, somehow.



The file name is 58 Gem, but it's really a mid-50s Jewel.

Some owners

Karen and Kenny Campbell, Albuquerque, NM

Rick & Allison Robb, Albuquerque, NM rraabfaber at gmail dot com

Doug and Donna Collins, Clovis, CA

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