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If you're creating a page about a brand of trailer/rv, you can use the teamplate below to get you started or feel free to delete this all and be as creative as you'd like.

Frank Bear Designs

Manufacturer Information

Years built



Standard Features

Unique features/Options



Some owners

If your building a TCT Member Page - we'd like to know about you, your family, your travels, your trailer, what do you pull it with, what rallies to you attend, why you love vintage trailers and anything else you'd like to share with others.

Here is a template you can start with:

=====About us: I am 52, and the wife is 50. I work for Mopar Parts in warren, MI and the wife is a Denatl hygeniest in Marine City, MI along with a Dental instructor at Baker College in Port Huron, MI. We both love the outdoors. I am born and raised in Michigan, The wife is originally from Utah and migrated to Missouri. She moved here in 2009 and we were married in 2010. We love to camp, fish, hunt, and we are equally fine just chilling by a campfire

Our Trailer was built as a honeymoon gift to each other. It is a 2011 homebuilt teardrop, it took us 1 year to gather up parts to complete our little traveling bundle. I purchased a frame and sheet metal from a good friend of ours. Once everything was in place we had the trailer built in 28 days. We were on a tight schedule, its maiden voyage would be out west. Wyoming and Utah was the destination for its voyage.

===== Outside Pics:

Inside Pics

Our Tow Vehicle

The Combo

Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers

Rallies I've Attended

Where We've Travelled

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