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 +This looks like fun.
 +Lynn and I built a trailer from scratch back in 2003 using the plans for the Midget Trailer in the February and March 1940 issues of Popular Mechanics. We finished it up in May of 2004 and have had a lot of fun with it. We've used it as our base camp for Death Valley 4x4 trips and have attended a few vintage trailer rallies.
 +In 2005 we purchased a 1948 Airstream Liner and have taken it down to the frame and started building it back up. It's been a real adventure. We are just now finishing the re-skin on the 13 panel end caps.
 +Earlier this year we came into posession of a 1946 General. It's in rough shape but it is 90% complete. It's about 22 feet with double doors and a wet bath. this will be a fun one to put together also. 
 +We'll keep updating our progress as we go along.
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