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====== Chris and Liz Laundra ====== WOW, it has been quite a trip. Been about 4 years now since we have had our Trotwood, and every time we take our Zen Den out, love it even more. ===== Our Trailer ===== 1956 Trotwood Cub {{:trotwood:laundra1.jpg|}} {{:trotwood:p1010084sm.jpg|}} Birch Interior ===== About Us ===== We live in Greenville, South Carolina and purchased our camper in Muskegon, MI,in September which is ironically our former hometown where we met in high school, yes, we are high school sweethearts, and are living happily every after in our 56 Trotwood. During the renovation process it was in our driveway where we ejoyed countless evening happy hours in it. Liz's father helped tremendously in the renovation and each day when we came home from work could only smile at the progress. We love Vintage Travel Trailers for their uniqueness, beauty, and charm. Planning on attendng the Rally in May, and are very excited about that. That will be the furtherst we have travelled with our camper. We are in the process of camping at all the State parks in South Carolina and have nothing but great memories to come home with as we pull into the campgrounds and see the nods, thumbs up, and smiles from all the other campers we meet. And, of course, they all have to see inside! The very best thing about living in the south is the opportunity of camping year round!!!!! ===== Our Tow Vehicle ===== Nissan Pathfinder

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