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-I have a 1959 International Harvester B-130 Series one-ton class truck with a custom motorhome buildup on the rails. ​ A dataplate identifies it as having been built by Mastercraft of Glendale, California. ​ The plate includes a graphic logo depicting the "​Donald and Mickey"​ (almost cartoonish) rounded Spam-Can style popular from the 1930s through the '​50s.  ​ 
-The original owner apparently had the rig prepared for a trip up the West Coast to Northern Alaska. ​ The side entry door glass bears decals from legendary touristy places like Santa Claus and North Pole.  The owner apparently returned home to Minnesota in the motorhome, made a few short excursions after that, and then in true storybook form, parked it behind the barn.  ​ 
-Owner Number Two discovered it there, and after several visits and some wrangling, persuaded the original owner to sell.  Number Two used it as a weekend family camper and tow vehicle for his SCCA amateur racing bugeye Sprite.  ​ 
-I became owner Number Three when it was put up for sale in the summer of 2000. 
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