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We're Brian and Kim McCool, from Kalamazoo, MI. We have two Spartan Manors, a '48, and a '46 that's nearly completed. We've enjoyed touring and camping with our '48 since 2002, and have travelled all over the US with it. Travelling with the '48, we realized there were some things we'd do diffently as far as the layout was concerned, so the '46 was purchased in Dec. of 2006 to reflect those ideas. We're now finishing up a 1953 "Tini-Home", a 12' canned ham. It's a complete re-build, using only the frame, and amazingly, the floor, everything else is new. There's another Spartan too, a '47 Manor that we have to get home from up north. What we'll do with it has yet to be decided, maybe a slide out? We also have vintage cars, and tow with a '48 Pontiac convertible and a '51 Pontiac "Tin Woody" station wagon. The wagon was built specifically as a tow vehicle, and it's worked out very well. More room, a bit more weather tight, and more comfortable for traveling than the convert. In the works now is a '48 Diamond T one pickup that will look great in front of a Manor! Keep up with all the projects @, or just stop and say "Hi!" We're grateful for all the hard work and effort Forrest and Jeri Bone, and their entire family, have done to further the great hobby of collecting, restoring and using this wonderful bit of American history.

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