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 +//From the May 1937 issue of Trailer Travel Magazine// ​
 +====== Mexicans Fearful of Hobo Invasion ======
 +“Down in Mexico City the natives have the idea that the Annual Convention of the Tin Can Tourists, originally scheduled for there next winter, means the assembling of several thousand Americans of the hobo type, traveling in tiny cars held together by baling wire. These tourists, the Mexicans believe, sleep on the ground at night, get their food by fair means or foul and are more impecunious than a band of roving gypsies. “ 
 +The comment by the English editor of a Mexican paper was perpetrated before news of the fact that Mexico had been turned down by the directors of that organization and that Tampa had been selected instead. ​
 +The editor also referred to TCT members as hobo’s on wheels, driving second, third and forth rate cars and that they are basically nomads traveling from place to place and comparable to the old time tramp printer or the modern rider of the rods and in the box cars of the railways. It was a group of “Old Guard” officers that made the emotional selection of Mexico for the winter conclave. ​
 +It was a new board of Directors that vetoed the act as contrary to the best interest of the members as a whole, in view of the fact that no assurance had been obtainable regarding adequate facilities for the proposed encampment in Mexico City.
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