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Mobile Scout

Manufacturer's Location

Arlington, Texas

Company Information

1955- Company of same name still in business or back in business building modern trailers, mostly 5th wheels. Produced canned ham aluminum trailers through the 60's and tandem axle trailers starting in 1967.

The following information was gathered June 2012 by Amy Young-Leith, owner of the blog about the path of the company after the 60's:

Mobile Scout was indeed a company that built travel trailers years ago. I will give you an update as I know the history. In the late 70s William Dozer Thornton who owned the company sold it to an investor group. It was bankrupted by the new owners in the early 80s. W. D. Thornton received the right to the name in the bankruptcy in exchange for the money that they still owed him. In 1992 several of us that were involved in the RV industry started a new venture, SunnyBrook RV, Inc, with Tom Thornton being one of the partners. W.D. Thornton was Tom’s father and Tom owned several RV dealerships in Texas at the time. When we started producing units Tom wanted his units built with the Mobile Scout name on them instead of SunnyBrook. Then several other Texas dealers also expressed interest in having their units built with the Mobile Scout Name. So we acquired the right to use the name and have been building units with the Mobile Scout name on them ever since. In December of 2010 SunnyBrook was acquired by Winnebago Industries. […] Elvie J. Frey, Sr. President, Winnebago Industries


2-Wheel Canned Ham Style 12' & 15' models pre 1965, aluminum mostly unpainted pre-'62 & painted w/ graphics post-'62.


Birch cabinets and paneling, Linoleum floors & countertops w/ aluminum edging

Standard Features

Horizontal paired crank windows, jalousie front windows some models. More jalousies later models.

Distinguishing Features

Triangular door window, grid pattern quilted aluminum wainscot, horizontal quilted above on some models. Steel screws, not rivets.




Mobile Scout (Albuquerque owner)


1957 Mobile Scout - Was used as a USDA Soil Conservation Society field office. (near Austin, Texas)



1960 Mobile Scout at Shamrock, Texas Route 66 Icon the U-Drop-In (unknown owner)

1960 Mobile Scout restored in 2009 - Shelton, WA


1961 Mobile Scout (12' model) is all original. Stove, refrigerator, sink, birch cabinets and interior. Even the table. Owner: Melodie Swanson, South Lake Tahoe CA.


1962 “Air Flo” Model 15'?


1964 Mobile Scout 12' model (owned by Carl & Martha in Beaumont, TX)


A '64 Mobile Scout at the Alamo postcard


“W.D. Thornton, left, president of Mobile Scout Co., of Arlington, Tex. is shown dispatching four units with Cliff Coggins, owner of Southwest Sales Company. Mr. Thornton said this is the first trailer to be built in Texas that transports four mobile homes at once. This low-boy will expedite delivery of Mobile Scouts to dealers throughout the Nation and makes substantial savings on delivery costs. Mobile Scouts have been on the market seven years and these self-contained units have been on display at the mobile home shows in the South and Southwest.”

Some owners

oldhams_mobile_scout.jpg Glenn & Jeree Oldham of Austin, Texas are currently researching, restoring and enjoying a '57. glenn oldham, architect

Juergen Eichermueller has original ads, photos and brochures for Mobile Scouts from '56 to at least '71:

Amy Young-Leith, owner of a 1962 16' Mobile Scout, runs a blog gathering information, photos and stories about Mobile Scouts called Mobile Scout Madness:

Vintage Trailer Supply has the gasket for the triangular window:

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