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[[New Moon]] ====== New Moon ====== {{dscf0001.jpg |}} ===== History ===== As described in "In 1944 the Redman Trailer Company from Alma, Michigan was producing the New Moon line of trailers and claimed that they were the world's largest trailers. These trailers were to be available as housing for the bonafide war workers." Not the 1953 New Moon seen in the movie "The Long Long Trailer" The trailer in the film was a 36-foot 1953 New Moon. The trailer was built at the New Moon Homes trailer factory in Alma, Michigan. The car was a 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible. The Redman brothers actually broke away from the Alma Trailer Co. in about 37 to begin making their own trailers also in Alma. Their model name "New Moon" was an attempt (apparently successful since they later ended up buying the Alma Company out) at one upmanship since the Alma trailers were marketed as "Silver Moon" From 1944 to 1953, Redman Trailer Company (Alma, Michigan) developed New Moon, a significantly longer line of trailers than others in the industry. In 1947, this trailer was "the world's largest trailer". In response to the success of its New Moon units, the company took the name New Moon Homes. During the 1930s, almost by chance, the house trailer and mobile-home industry took root in Alma Michigan, with the emergence of the Silvermoon Trailer. Unable to keep up with orders for it's new trailer, the Alma Trailer company expanded into abandoned plant No.1 one of the Republic Truck Company and began producing the New Moon Trailer. Rivalries within the company soon resulted in a second business, the Redman Trailer Company. Government orders for trailers to be used as housing at military installations during World War II resulted in several major transports of trailers from Alma to the East Coast. The mobile-home industry continued in Alma until the 1970. ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Name plate reads "Redman Trailer Co. Alma Michigan" ===== Years built ===== ===== Models ===== The trailer used in the film is the 1953 36-foot Redman "New Moon" model, which sold for $5,345 at the time. The new car used to tow the trailer is a 1953 Mercury Monterey convertible with a 125 HP flathead V8 engine. ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== New Moon Dealer Signs {{:newmoon:newmoon.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:newmoon1.jpg?direct&300|}} 1940 New Moon {{:newmoon:1291417_10202028097645395_1831811526_n.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:100_4077.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:100_4102.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:100_4165.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:100_4169.jpg?direct&300|}} {{:newmoon:100_4208.jpg?direct&300|}} 1958 New Moon Hallmark 35x8 found in a field outside of Grand Junction, CO. Abandoned for 10 years. Transported to Desert Sands Vintage RV Park in Borrego Springs, CA and currently undergoing restoration. {{:newmoon:screen_shot_2015-04-21_at_1.02.36_pm.png }} {{:newmoon:screen_shot_2015-04-21_at_6.47.15_pm.png }} {{:newmoon:screen_shot_2015-03-03_at_4.37.46_pm_copy.png }} {{:newmoon:screen_shot_2015-03-15_at_7.59.25_am.png }} {{:newmoon:screen_shot_2015-04-26_at_8.43.13_pm.png }} {{:newmoon:wj271.jpg?direct&300|}} {{nm0.jpg}} 1941 New Moon Advertising This "New Moon" spotted in a private trailer park in Ontario, Canada {{nm2.jpg}} {{nm3.jpg}} {{nm4.jpg}} {{nm5.jpg}} {{nm6.jpg}} 1953 model {{newmoon1953.jpg}} This is our new old New Moon William Cooke {{100_1804.jpg|}} {{100_1805.jpg|}} Int. shots {{100_1792.jpg|}} {{100_1793.jpg|}} {{100_1795.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== Steve Allen & Doug Bachman ( Angelica, NY & Fort Lauderdale, FL - 1954 New Moon 33' David and Wendy Housholder. Borrego Springs, CA. 1958 New Moon Hallmark 35 x 8. Desert Sands Vintage RV Park. #54. Kate O'Connor ( Lancaster MA - 1953 New Moon 33' ===== Clubs/Links =====

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