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 +Manufacturer:​ New Yorker Homes Corp., of Elkhart, Indiana, primarily made mobile homes in the 50-60 ft range. For a couple of years, around 1960, they also built 16' travel trailers. ​
 +A fire destroyed the plant on or about 30 Nov 1963. (Kokomo Tribune, 1 Dec 1963). They must have rebuilt, because Beatrice Food Co. acquired the company on 18 Apr 1972. Phillip A. Shafer was listed as the General Manager. (San Antonio Express/​News,​ 20 Aug 1972). New Yorker Homes Corp., at 701 Collins Rd, with Philip A. Shafer or Rex Jones as contacts, was included in a 1977-78 tourism advertisement for “USA Plant Visits.” (https://​​stream/​usaplantvisits1900unit/​usaplantvisits1900unit_djvu.txt). Beatrice conveyed the business to Admiration Homes, Inc., of Elkhart, on 20 Jul 1981, according to West Virginia legal documents, and then on 27 Aug 1984, it was conveyed to Norton C. Barnett, of Elkhart.
 +Years built: 1960, at least
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