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-====== Nomad ====== 
-===== History ===== 
-===== Manufacturer Information ===== 
-==== Skyline’s Corporate Profile ==== 
-Skyline Corporation is one of America’s leading producers of manufactured housing and recreational vehicles. These products are built in plants located from coast to coast and marketed nationally through independent retailers. 
-==== HISTORY ==== 
-Founded in 1951 in Elkhart, Indiana, Skyline initially produced the affordable housing units popularly known as house trailers or mobile homes. These units evolved into today’s manufactured housing. In 1960, Skyline opened its first travel trailer plant. During its 55-plus years of operation, Skyline has built more than 880,000 homes and 465,000 recreational vehicles (RVs), most of them travel trailers. Its sales over the years total in excess of $15.4 billion. 
-==== ORGANIZATION ==== 
-Corporate headquarters,​ shown on the front cover, is in Elkhart, Indiana. It houses marketing services, accounting, information technology, engineering,​ product development,​ financial, legal, and other functions. Products are built by 21 operating divisions in 11 states from coast to coast. Of the 21 divisions, 16 produce housing and five produce RVs. 
-==== FINANCIAL ==== 
-Skyline has operated in the black every year since it was founded. Its balance sheet is among the soundest in American industry with a strong cash position and no corporate debt. Skyline is publicly owned and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. 
-Skyline produces a wide range of manufactured and modular homes with price ranges to fit most budgets. Skyline homes are sold under a number of identifying names. The single-section manufactured homes emphasize affordability and frequently are sited in specially-developed manufactured housing developments. The multi-sectional and modular homes are also very affordable and in appearance they are indistinguishable from site-built housing. Many of the multi-sectional and modular houses are sited on conventional residential lots. 
-Skyline’s Commitment of Excellence program asks customers to evaluate their total buying experience. The result is a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) that serves as a benchmark from which we can measure progress. While the index continues to improve, neither Skyline nor our dealers intend to relax until the Total Customer Satisfaction goal is achieved. 
-==== RV PRODUCTS ==== 
-Skyline builds three types of towable RVs: conventional travel trailers, fifth wheel travel trailers, and park models. The principal brand names for these products are Nomad, Layton, Aljo, and Rampage. All Skyline RVs are UL Classified. 
-===== Years built ===== 
-===== Models ===== 
-===== Interiors ===== 
-===== Standard Features ===== 
-===== Unique features/​Options ===== 
-1962 Nomad 
-1962 Nomad  
-1969 Nomad 
-{{ :​nomad:​69_nomad.jpg?​300 |}} 
-Meredith Reynolds & Paul Klein,Saint Johns Michigan purchased 1960-something Nomad on January 3, 2010 
-Not sure of the model year, but this picture was taken during the summer of 1971 of our family'​s 19' Nomad: 
-===== Some owners ===== 
-Mark & Kathy Moore / Howard, OH  /purchased Nomad Sept.27, 2008 
-===== Clubs/Links ===== 
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