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===== Northland Coach ====== ===== Northland Coach Inc. ===== ===== 1953 ===== ===== Models ===== ===== Interiors ===== ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== ===== Some owners ===== Aug, 6th 2016- We just found out tonight, that we also own a 1953 Northland Coach Camper, 1 of 110. The numbers we found on the hitch are as follows. 53 NC 1014 The original tag is still intact on front of camper. Contact me for any more info Keith from Dubuque IA Email: ===== Clubs/Links ===== After years of frustration, never finding any information for our camper's history, we recently discovered the following information at "Showing a continued interest in the village, R. J. Tack and K. D. Graves erected a building across from the old water tower in 1947 and rented it to Luke Riepl. The building was to house the Pup Motor Car Co., manufacturing postwar metal and plywood golf carts. This venture proved to be unsuccessful as the carts never got off the assembly line. The building was used for awhile as scale boards for cheese boxes were manufactured there, wood mouldings, and a line of children's indoor and outdoor play furniture were also produced. In April of 1953, the building was leased to a small group of progressive businessmen who formed a corporation under the name of Northland Coach, Inc. The company started production of recreational vehicles and during the first year sold 110 units. First officers of the company were Vic Carpenter, president; Leo Van Ert, vice president; Porter Greenwood, secretary-treasurer; William Jensen, Ray Parette, and Dan Hosek, directors; and John Carpenter, purchasing agent. By 1954 Edward O. Dickman had been appointed General Manager and the company changed their name to Pathfinder Mobilehome Inc., and purchased the building from Tack and Graves. Sales and public demand grew, and by 1956 the company began building five models ranging from 16 feet to 35 feet in length. In July of 1958 Pathfinder built their first ten foot wide unit which was 41 feet long. The first 12 wide was built in February of 1961, and four years later the first double wide home was built. Production space rose from the original 4,800 feet in 1953 to approximately 82,000 square feet by 1967. In 1969 Pathfinder moved into a new building on the south side of Willow Drive, on land annexed from the Town of Spencer. Production continued on the new site until Pathfinder discontinued their Spencer operation in July of 1973." So apparently, we own 1 of only 110 ever produced during the approximate one year there was production under the NORTHLAND COACH INC company. If anyone has additional information of any kind, please add to this post. Thank you!

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