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====== Palace ====== ===== History ===== In 1942 the Palace Corporation came out with a revolutionary new type of trailer (Palace Expando), one that expanded out on both sides. The model featured four rooms and a shower bath. The US Army purchased thousands of these models as base housing for the enlisted men and their families. This trailer was designed by William Bushnell Stout who also built the first all metal airplane in the United States and started the first regularly scheduled airline in the United States. The US Army bought what were called "Stout Houses" during WWII. They were bolt together panels that formed temporary housing. They are one of the first examples of pre-fab design, not a trailer. ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Palace Travel Coach Co. of Flint, Michigan ===== Years built ===== ===== Models ===== Interiors ===== {{:kitchen-c_129_.jpg|}} {{:0-palace_28_.jpg|}} ===== Standard Features ===== ===== Unique features/Options ===== Palace was manufactured with an all aluminum automobile-type exterior that was quite streamlined ===== Prices ===== ===== Pictures ===== {{:palaceroyalcamper.jpg|}}{{:1949_palace_.jpg|}} {{:1936_palace.jpg|}}{{:palace-travel-coach36-1.jpg|}} {{:0-palace-01.jpg|}}{{:0-palace-2.jpg|}} {{:0-palace_-3.jpg|}} {{:0-palace_-4.jpg|}} {{:0-palace_-5.jpg|}} {{:0-palace-6.jpg|}} {{:0-palace-7.jpg|}} 1944 Palace Advertisement Although Palace Coach Co. advertised their newest models for 1944, they did not produce any until the war was over (See text of ad). These new models were supposed to be the latest thing in trailers for the post-war housing shortage. Actually, they are really cool looking....sort of reminds us of the Flash Gordon Era! {{:1944_palace.jpg|}}{{:0-palace-1948.jpg|}} {{:01-palace-1950.jpg|}}1946 Palace {{:1946_palace_coach_nov02.jpg|}} 1950 Palace {{:1950mapalacetrailer.jpg|}} 1950 Palace {{:1950_palace1.jpg|}} {{:1950_palace2.jpg|}} {{:1950_palace3.jpg|}}{{:1950_palace4.jpg|}} 1946 Palace on the TCT Classifieds: [[]] ===== Owners ===== John Atkinson San Diego 1949 Palace ===== Clubs/Links ===== ===== Patents ===== {{:0-pat.jpg|}}{{:0-pat-2.jpg|}}{{:0-pat-03.jpg|}}

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