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===== About Me =====

Hi! My name is Beth and I live in Carson, Virginia. I am the mother of two boys - one in Jr. High and the other a sophomore at WVU. I enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing….and now restoring old campers. I have a lab and a dachshund I like pet friendly campgrounds. }

 ===== Our Trailer =====

My trailer is a 1969 19 Foot Terry that I bought from Southern RV outside of Richmond, VA. Since this was my first restoration project and I was not sure where to start - Southern RV referred me to someone who was used to restoring old cars and wanted to get into restoring old campers. THANK GOD- he is not only helping me restore it, but letting me keep it at his house too! This works out good since he has all of the tools. :)

The camper had a major leak at one time and the whole side was damp. We have already replaced the whole ceiling. The bathroom had a hole in the ceiling which has also been replaced. Finding information on old Terrys has been difficult - it seems that everyone restores Shastas and Airstreams - which may be our next project!

I love owls, so that is how I am going to decorate - hence the name the Owl House.

 ===== Outside Pics =====

Hopefully will be turquoise someday - with tacky pink flamingos outside.

I used metal trim to seal up the leaks that had developed from the awning not being installed properly. The weight of it caused the siding to separate from the roof causing major leaks.After applying the putty tape the trim was set in place,screwed down then caulked with clear silicone sealant to prevent any water from seaping in. So far it has been bone dry :-)

  ===== Inside Pics =====

Here's a pic of the bathroom before we started the remodel,with more to come.

The ceiling had a lot of water damage and all of the ceiling panels had to be removed and replaced ,new insulation was also put in.

Here's another view of the ceiling from the back of the bathroom

And now the new ceiling panels :-) they look so much better

This is the new bathroom floor being installed. All of the sub floor had to be replaced due to the toilet leaking at the flange.

Our Tow Vehicle

The Combo

Why I love Vintage Travel Trailers

Rallies I've Attended

Where We've Travelled

Thus far, we have been to Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg, Mt. Pleasant KOA (very nice), Frisco Woods (NC) and various other state campgrounds throughout Virginia.

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