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-[[putro_beth]]KEN AND BETH 
-I live in Carson, Virginia. ​ I have two kids - one in Jr. High and one who is a sophomore at WVU. 
-Ken is my restoration partner that I met through Southern RV. He loves to restore old cars and had an interest in restoring RVs.  This is our first project together - he is VERY patient! ​ :​)  ​ 
-My trailer is a 1969 Terry that I bought at Southern RV.   The bathroom ceiling had a huge hole in it.  There was a major leak on the side of the trailer where the entrance door is located. ​ The entire ceiling needed to be replaced in the camper. ​ Most of the window cranks are broken. ​ The refrigerator works! ​ We have yet to find out about the stove.  ​ 
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