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**Robinhood** by Cadet Coach Sold by; Al Rose, "The Trailer King", Triangle Trailer Sales (dealership) 10117 E. Garvey Boulevard, El Monte, California USA, GIlbert8-9841 **Manufacturer Information** Cadet Coach **Years built: ** 1960-? **Models:**Robinhood **Interiors:** Birchwood, sleeps 5 : table fold, double sofa bunk and upper canvas bunk **Standard Features** : Propane stove (3burner) and oven, hand pump sink with 10 gallon water tank, Ice box with copper tubing to the drain; Electrical wiring throughout to allow for lighting. Propane heater in the floor. **Unique features/Options:**** Unknown ** Prices:** Unknown **Pictures:** Will post mine soon! **Some owners** : suzyque on TinCanTourists forums. :) Clubs/Links: More info to come as I discover it! :) Incidental information: Like most trailers, the Robinhood comes with wrap around top storage. That is to say, there is a cabinet for every need above, and below. The original bunk was cotton duck (not real canvas) and it was rotted through so I made a new one out of true canvas, out of an original, real sail for a boat. Works much better and holds my boyfriend who weighs 240 easily, although he's a bit cramped in there. :) Hint: To sew a new one for yours: Use sail cloth, unbleached, untreated. Use an industrial sewing machine and a size 25 needle if you can get it, along with 500 pound upholstery thread. Additionally, the bunk poles are "built in" but can be moved to accomodate a wider frame.

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