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===== About Us ===== My husband and I got married late in life and we are still newly weds - this year is our third (we married in 2006). My husband became the instant dad of an adult special needs son, Sean. In my opinion he is a member of the true "league of extraordinary gentlemen." Sean acquired severe brain injury in 1999 due to undiagnosed meningitis (that's a whole other story that won't be told here). Stephen and I come from different camping experiences. I grew up tent camping - and love to camp. Sean grew up tent camping and loved it (I'm assuming he still does). Stephen's two to three experiences were all terrible (also tent camping). We compromised by agreeing to try a travel trailer, not only for Stephen's comfort zone, but also due to Sean's additional needs. We looked at all kinds, new and used. Since we both like classic cars, and my husband is a "resto-rodder," finding a vintage in need of work was just the ticket. We found one last November (2008) if we can just get started fixing it up... ===== Our Trailer ===== 1967 Silver Streak Sabre, 26 ft ===== Outside Pics ===== {{:1967_silver_streak.jpg|}} ===== Inside Pics ===== I'll try to post some here later. ===== Our Tow Vehicle ===== A 1957 Ford Fairlane that's been in my husband's family since it was new. It also needs some work. {{:1957_ford_fairlane.jpg|}} ===== The Combo ===== ===== Why We love Vintage Travel Trailers ===== We love old stuff. ===== Rallies I've Attended ===== None, yet. ===== Where We've Travelled ===== Growing up, I camped with my family many places between LA and PA, as we moved to PA (from LA) when I was a kid. We also did some traveling in PA, NY and VT. Sean and I camped at several state parks in the central TX area, in addition to Lake Bistineau State Park LA, before 1999. When I was a kid we started out in a second-hand, canvas tent and eventually got a second-hand tent-trailer (not a pop-up, it was a "Ted Williams"). I'll have to dig through pics to see if I have any of it. As a couple, so far we've only stayed in cabins or motels - Sante Fe NM, North Toledo Bend State Park LA and Lake Bistineau State Park LA. Hopefully, this will change before too long, and we'll be staying in our Silver Streak when we travel! ===== Editor ===== Janice Rollins :o) Last update: 2010-07-25 Last update: 2009-06-15

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