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===== Roycraft Coach Company ===== ===== 1929 - 1960's ===== ---- ===== Founder ===== Joseph Antoine Roy, a pioneer manufacturer of mobile homes, was the founder and former president of Roycraft Coach Co., the oldest continuous manufacturer of mobile homes in the United States. He began making trailers in 1929 in Detroit, and in 1935 moved his operations to Chesaning, Mich. During World War II, Mr. Roy contracted with the federal government to build trailers, and later his company manufactured the first tracking stations for America`s astronaut programs, shipping them all over the world. Source: ===== Trade Catalogs ===== Roycraft Coach Co., Trade Catalogs @ Smithsonian Institution Libraries Source: ===== Other Information ===== **Asahel Curtis letter to the Roycraft Coach Company regarding trailer coaches, July 24, 1935** Source: **Photo at Atlas Mobile Home Directory** Source: **Google Books** Roycraft Coach Company: Roycraft Coaches for 1939: America's Most Beautiful Coach: 1940 Coaches by Roycraft: America's Most Beautiful Coach: Popular Science Advertisement: **Corporation Status** Source:

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