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 +Hi!  This is Tom & Melody and we're the proud owners of a 1974 Apache Hawk.
 +We bought this trailer in 2005, mostly for our teenage boys to use.  It was in rough shape and was missing most of the interior. ​ But it was good enough for them to use.  The oldest boy used it 1 time, then it just sat in the driveway. ​ In 2006 I said that if no one was going to use the trailer, then I would sell it.  After opening it up, my wife fell in love with it and said why don't we fix it up for ourselves. ​ And so we did.  Now we have a nice vintage camper for the two of us.
 +I also have a 1962 Apache Eagle that I rebuilt a few years ago, but Mel thinks it is too small for two people and a dog.
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