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====== Scotsman Travel Trailer ====== Owners are looking for a nice large picture of the decal that went on the front of these trailers. If you have one, please join the yahoogroup and add it in the photos section. It would be greatly appreciated! Here is a link with a pic of the logo: [[]] sent to you by: a proud owner of a 1966(?) Scotsman UPDATE The logo has been recreated by Jim at for the Gardena California models. ===== History ===== Jack Watts was the owner of the original Jack's trailer service and later Scotsman Industries in Gardena, California. He was a native of Oklahoma who lived in Palos Verdes, California. ===== Manufacturer Information ===== Jack's Trailer Service, Gardena, CA Coffeyville, KS ===== Years built ===== At least from 1947 till 1973, possibly later. ===== Models ===== 14' Scottie, 15' Romer, 17' Highlander ===== Interiors ===== In the mid to late 1960s, the trailers were decorated with sheet vinyl flooring with a multicolored star pattern, gold flecked laminate countertops, diamond aluminum backsplash, plastic cone shaped electrical light shades, turquoise stove and matching refrigerator, and white washed walls, cabinetry and ceiling. ===== Standard Features ===== The Scottie, the Romer, and the Highlander featured "solid construction" of plywood (not framed in with studs). Sometime in the 1950s the models developed a distinctive "roll" above the front window that was used for storage. Prior to that, Scotsman trailers had a more traditional "canned ham" shape. The original version re-emerged with the 1970's Romers, as those found have been without the trademark roll. Interior features for these models included a table and two benches (early versions were upholstered in blue plaid) in the front, a fold out couch/bed in the back, and a claustrophobic fold-down bunk above the couch/bed. The kitchen had a stove top (3 to 4 burners) and an icebox (later a refrigerator). A closet was opposite of the kitchen. Early windows were awning style. In the 1960s, jalousie windows were used for the operational windows. ===== Unique features/Options ===== ===== Photos ===== {{:3kb3ma3o65y45o65z0a4792fbd9116ec612c8.jpg|}} ===== Some owners ===== Claude W Smith - George Charles and Virginia Diffey - ===== Clubs/Links ===== Scotsman Trailer Owner's Group: Scotsman Trailer Facebook Group:!/groups/377484005605285/

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