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-====== Scotsman Travel Trailer ====== 
-Owners are looking for a nice large picture of the decal that went on the front of these trailers. ​ If you have one, please join the yahoogroup and add it in the photos section. ​ It would be greatly appreciated! 
-Here is a link with a pic of the logo: 
-sent to you by: 
-a proud owner of a 1966(?) Scotsman 
-UPDATE The logo has been recreated by Jim at for the Gardena California models. 
-===== History =====    
-Jack Watts was the owner of the original Jack's trailer service and later Scotsman Industries in Gardena, California. ​ He was a native of Oklahoma who lived in Palos Verdes, California. 
-===== Manufacturer Information ===== 
-Jack's Trailer Service, Gardena CA 
-Coffeyville,​ KS 
-===== Years built ===== 
-At least from 1947 till 1973, possibly later. 
-===== Models ===== 
-14' Scottie, 
-15' Romer, 
-17' Highlander 
-===== Interiors ===== 
-In the mid to late 1960s, the trailers were decorated with sheet vinyl flooring with a multicolored star pattern, gold flecked laminate countertops,​ diamond aluminum backsplash, plastic cone shaped electrical light shades, turquoise stove and matching refrigerator,​ and white washed walls, cabinetry and ceiling. ​ 
-===== Standard Features ===== 
-The Scottie, the Romer, and the Highlander featured "solid construction"​ of plywood (not framed in with studs). Sometime in the 1950s the models developed a distinctive "​roll"​ above the front window that was used for storage. Prior to that, Scotsman trailers had a more traditional "​canned ham" shape. The original version re-emerged with the 1970's Romers, as those found have been without the trademark roll. Interior features for these models included a table and two benches (early versions were upholstered in blue plaid) in the front, a fold out couch/bed in the back, and a claustrophobic fold-down bunk above the couch/bed. The kitchen had a stove top (3 to 4 burners) and an icebox (later a refrigerator). A closet was opposite of the kitchen. ​ 
-Early windows were awning style. In the 1960s, jalousie windows were used for the operational windows.  ​ 
-===== Unique features/​Options ===== 
-===== Photos ===== 
-===== Some owners ===== 
-Claude W Smith - mailto:​ 
-Charles and Virginia Diffey - 
-===== Clubs/Links ===== 
-Scotsman Trailer Owner'​s Group: ​ http://​​group/​ScotsmanTrailerOwnersGroup/​join 
-Scotsman Trailer Facebook Group: 
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