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Hello from Bill and Melanie Sifritt. We own a 1956 Platt camper, towed by our 1956 Ford Victoria. I restored the camper, and themed it inside and out to match the Ford. I modernized it with a new fridge, microwave, fresh and grey water system, air, and flat screen tv. All made as much as possible to fit in with the original look, but to add some modern "creature comforts". We have had the Ford for about 10 years, and bought and restored the camper about 6 years ago. We have taken this setup to hot rod events, such as Goodguys meets, and other northern Ohio local weekend events. We are usually the only ones that have a combo like this, and it really doesn't "fit" into the hot rodding crowd. I heard about the TCT, explored it on the web, and joined this past year. We are looking forward to going to the spring meet at Camp Dearborn in 2011, and meeting others that are of like mind. As opposed to what others have told us, we don't think we are "crazy" for this passion, and we will look forward to be among many others who are not crazy either ;-). We also travel in our 1978 Avco 30ft motorhome, and like that also, but we are just as comfortable in our little tin can. I have attached a few photos. {{:misc_recent_010.jpg?600|}} {{:our_platt_interior.jpg?600|}} {{:our_platt_interior_2.jpg?600|}}

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