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Sportcraft Travel Trailer


I received an email from the son-in-law of the founder of the company:


My 85 year old father-in-law was the founder of sportcraft trailers and then went on to build mobile homes. His name is Ray Allen.

I would like to show him a couple of pictures of your restoration. Looks brand new!

The first few were built in Ohio by Ray and his wife Shirley along with their good friend Dale. All still living and friends today.

I send him some pictures and he said he would look for some information to post on this page.

From a magazine article

New Sportcraft Travel Trailer Sportcraft Trailer Mfg. Co., the east's largest exclusive builder of travel trailers, is now in full production with the 1955 line. Ray Allen, former west coast build of travel trailers, has added to the line one of the lowest priced 15 foot travel trailers on the market today, while still retaining the quality features for which his trailers have been known.

We have a Sportcraft trailer which says it was built in Anaheim, CA - It says “The Sportcraft Mfg. By Sportcraft of California Distributed by ALJOA Industries, 1714 W. 35 St. Gardena, Calif.” So appears Ray Allen leveraged them as a west coast distributor for the Sportcraft brand he started in Ohio.

Manufacturer Information

Sportcraft Travel Trailer Inc. Box 181, Cortland, Ohio

Factory Locations: Orangeville, Ohio and Clearwater, Florida

I think they opened an sales office in Canada at some point, Sportcraft Trailer Co., Welland, Ontario, Canada

Sportcraft Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc., 2120 Golf to Bay, Clearwater, Florida - this is where all the park models were built

Orangeville appears to be where the “15”, “15 Deluxe” and “16 Custom” were built

Years built

From 1955 to 1960

From 1960 to 1964 they only built the park models


Sportcraft “15” - 15ft traditional small canned ham style trailer

Sportcraft 15 Deluxe

Sportcraft 16

There where all 6' 3 in width, 8' Exterior Height, 6' 5 Interior Height, Single Axle, Aluminum covered, weighed 1497lbs and have a draw bar load of 245lbs.

In 1958, you could get a 14', 15' or 17'

Around 1960, they started building the Cabinaire 17' and 19'. The 19' was self contained.


Park Model called the Delmar (32',36' and 41') and Monteray (46' and 52')


15 Model - Birch interior with original icebox and two burner cook stove. Dinette in the front that folds flat for a bed. Bed in back and hanging platform bed for a small child.

Has storage above the dinette, above the sink/stove, closet and storage under the bed. Access panel outside for the storage under the bed.

There is no bathroom.

Standard Features

Unique features/Options


The 15 sold for $995, the 15 Deluxe sold for $1195 (1960 was $1295) and the 16 custom sold for $1395

The 17' Cabinaire sold for $1685 and the 19' sold for $2395

The Delmar 36' park model sold for $5595 and the 41' sold for $6295



Sportcraft “15”

Owned by Jon Hockersmith - has the original visor on the front window. No side windows, just like the classified ad. This should help place the year.

Found these pictures from a trailer being auctioned on ebay.

Up for auction is a 1954 SportCraft 12 Ft Camper Trailer. 1660 lbs. The inside is immaculate! New Tires! Whitewall covers and Baby Moon Hubcaps. Outside is in beautiful shape as well. Turquoise Paint has a minor amount of peeling, but CAN be touched up. There are not many of these still around. No Stove or Bathroom. It has been pulled behind our vehicle and handles just great. Here are some pics:



These pictures come from Richard Friend and the following info: I have recently acquired a Sportcraft travel trailer. I am forwarding pictures to you in 2 separate e-mails. There are no identifying marks on it except for the shadow of the missing decal you can see in the picture. Doug Keister referred me to you saying that you have a 1957 Sportcraft and may have some ideas about what I have. I will start renovating it as soon as the NH weather softens a bit.

The Sportcraft by Aljoa

Is it a Sportcraft or is it an Aljoa? The windows, running lights and interior is more like a late 40's or early 50s Aljoa.

Some owners

1957 Sportcraft 15 - Terry Bone - 4th owner and restored. New axle, new electrical, new tail lights, new tires, new braking system, new propane tanks, exterior paint, interior paint, new cork floor, cover wheel wells, new curtains, new matress. Original trailer except: wheel wells were enlarged, ceiling vent was added, tongue was entended

1957 Sportcraft (unrestored as of yet) - Jan Kurth -

1954?? Sportcraft 12Ft. Have Cert. of title as a 1954? Vin # 5414183 (found on top of hitch), This trailer we bought on E-Bay, Nov.20-06. See above pictures. This trailer looks to be original except for some added 110V Recepts. No Stove, Propane,toilet. We thought this to be a Kit Trailer. Until this web-site,Good news… Now we wonder if our canned ham is in fact a 1954 or?? We bought this trailer in Farwell, MI. and we live here in Ruidoso, NM. Thanks, Gerry & Sandi Griep

1957 Sportcraft - Richard Friend - I have recently acquired a Sportcraft travel trailer. I am forwarding pictures to you in 2 separate e-mails. There are no identifying marks on it except for the shadow of the missing decal you can see in the picture. Doug Keister referred me to you saying that you have a 1957 Sportcraft and may have some ideas about what I have. I will start renovating it as soon as the NH weather softens a bit. I am enjoying the e-mails coming my way from my new membership in Tin Can Tourists. I don't have a computer so everything comes to me through my daughter and granddaughter.


I am writing as my parents years ago had a family travel trailer being a 1954(?) Sportcraft. They are both gone now but the memories live on. I have only 2 old photos of it and am making a miniature one from memories from my brother and sister and myself have got together. We are all 60 years old plus and this project has brought back a lot of good memories. In looking at your website Tin Can Tourists for reference on things there is a picture there of a Sportcraft owned by Jon Hockersmith.

The outside looks just like the one my family owned many years ago. With the green stripes on the side. Was that standard? It too also had a gas light inside that my Dad installed as we (a family of 5) were going on a vacation to Mexico City back in 1959 and knew we would not have electric to plug in anywhere down there. Can you contact Jon Hockersmith for me and ask him if he knew the exact year of his trailer? Also, was that gas light factory installed? It would really be something if it happens to be THE trailer we had years ago. (Mom and Dad sold the Sportcraft several years later for a larger trailer. Us kids were growing and needed more room.) It's a long shot that's for sure. We used to live in Bedford Ohio back in 1959. I now live in Alabama having moved here with my husband 15 years ago.

I am sending you a photo of the miniature Sportcraft travel trailer in 1:12 scale I am working on. I can send more as I finish it. I am sure your membership would be as delighted with seeing them as I am making the model that brought me so many happy memories when I was younger.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sandra Stillman - Robertsdale, Alabama

p.s. The painting of the mule deer on the side was done by my Dad from a magazine he got before the Mexico City vacation to make us appear friendly to the people at that time. It sure brought a lot of smiles!!!


Just wanted to send these photos along to show you the scale model of the 1955 Sportcraft family travel I completed and entered in the Baldwin County Fair just last week. I came as close as I could in details based on family memories and some reference to your web page. I will always remember the great family vacations we had in the real Sportcraft so many years ago. It has been a labor of love for me to create this model. And 3rd. place is fine with me!!!

Happy camping! Sandra Stillman

Terry Bone uploaded all of the Sportcraft pictures and advertisements he had to:

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