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We always been camper because my son was in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Their are 5 of us Dwayne, Deb,Tim, and my twin daughters Amy and Emily. We were camping in Galina Illinois there was a big storm that shook up my daughters they did not want to tent camp any more. So in 2008 we bought our first camper, it was a 1981 Sunline T15.5 15 1/2'. We use it a lot because the girls friends had campers. A year later we saw a piece on the Travel Channel about the Tin Can Tourist so we joined. After about 5 years of using heavily it need a little tlc so instead of putting money into it we bought our pride n joy a 1963 Covered Wagon Imperial, 19' We call her "Happy Camper" My tow vehicle is a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab We have been to Myrtle Beach,Gatlinburg, a lot of camping in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana We try to make at least 2 TCT rallies a year {{{ :1963_covered_wagon_1.jpg?400|}} {{ :1963_covered_wagoni1.jpg?300 |}}}}{{ :1963_covered_wagoni2.jpg?300|}} |

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