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**"Never Garaged, Wasn't Meant To BE!"** **1953 Airstream Flying Cloud (21') Named "Miss Molly".** {{:mvc-003f.jpg|}} We purchased this trailer in August of 2007. I dragged it off of a sheep farm here in Oregon. It had been sitting in the mud and muck for well over 15 years. The inside was crammed full of stuff. You could not step in to it and you could not see the dinette table The pile of debris went from the front window to the back. As a consumate 'Horse trader' I was pleased with my purchase and eager to clean it up and sell it for a hefty profit. However Susan saw it and fell in love. As I was unloading the various items stored inside my dear wife went into the house. I managed to climb in and had the kitchen area nearly cleared when she returned. She informed me that she had gone to the Airforums website and signed us up for a rally five weeks away. FIVE WEEKS! I was stunned. I did not know the condition of anything in the trailer, what worked - what did not. As it turned out the appliances actually worked. However the floor was rotten in both the front and the rear. I set upon the restoration process working nearly round the clock to get the job done. The cabinets, benches, and original mattress were removed so that I could get to the floor. 48 hours before that first rally there was no floor in the trailer. I did not sleep and we rolled out of town two hours behind schedule but with a complete/restored trailer in tow. I love my wife, I love my, I love my wife... Sorry that's a alittle mantra I go to every time I think about that brief period in my life. Since then we have been to several rallies and weekend trips. We adore our trailer and the lifestyle it represents. The people we have met have trully been from across the socio-economic spectrum but all have been warm, friendly, and a pleasure to spend time with. We have been pulling Miss Molly with my 1966 Ford F250 but I am preparing my 1952 Mercury to do the job come this spring. May the Lord bless you and I pray our paths will cross someday. Brad L. Taylor, Salem Oregon

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