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 +==== TCT and Religion ====
 +Billy Graham in “Called to Preach” indicated that he began his ministry preaching at a Tin Can Trailer Park.
 +“On Sundays I often preached on streets of Tampa, sometimes as many as five or six times a day. But in those days, the greatest ministry that God opened up to me was the trailer parks. One of them, the largest (or close to it) in the country was known as the Tin Can Trailer Park. Two ladies there had gotten the concession to hold religious services on Sunday nights, but they had no preacher; they asked me if I would come. The crowds ran anywhere from 200 to 1,000. They would take up a collection, which I think the ladies kept and used for some worthy project, and they would give me $5.00 – a tremendous help to my meager budget. …From that night in 1938 on, my purpose and objectives in life were set. I knew that I would be a preacher of the Gospel.
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