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 +Sarasota Mayor Verman Kimbrough (1937-1939) indicated on the day the Winter Convention opened that the city would not extend the offer to host the Convention in the city beyond 1937 – reasons stated, the desire to turn Sarasota Tourists Park in to a destination park for visitors that would stay for six months rather then the shorter time covered by the TCT Convention – By Thursday, he back off the position due to merchant protest – after the merchants expressed their desire to retain the Convention the city once again restated their denial of extending an invitation to TCT. Mayor Kimbrough indicated that there was a general perception that Sarasota was a “Tin Can Tourists Town”
 +1937 Winter Convention Highlights: All members were to display the TCT emblem on their vehicles; The camp had a Royal Chief’s Row for parking and the leadership positions became hotly contested; The TCT leadership responded to what they throught was an implied slur by Mayor Kimbrough – Royal Chief McKnight said members will match brains, money or marbles with the mayor and that
 +the campers had spent over $650,000 in Sarasota since December 1; Tourist Camp $.35 per night - $1.00 per week for 2 people - $.10 extra per person – Electric $.10 per day, $.35 per week – Electric suitable for heating $.50 per day, $2.00 per week
 +TCT is proud to be returning to the Sarasota area for the 2008 convention. We tried to secure a site in Sarasota County, but once again the club had to look to the tourist friendly town of Bradenton and Manatee County to find a site.
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