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==== We get lots a emails about the website as well: ==== Hello, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your website. As a frequent lurker over the last few years since we bought our '54 Canned Ham yours was the first place I looked to place an ad when we decided to find it a new home. The trailer sold this morning to a wonderful gentleman and his wife to be used on fly fishing trips. We're so thrilled that it could go to someone that will love it as much as we did. Your website is a wonderful resource for those of us that have the privledge of owning these pieces of history. Thank you again! Trish Weber ---- ==== Airstream Life article: ==== I sent the following out via email: J. Rick Cipot is the Feature Editor for Airstream Life Magazine and is currently working on an outline for an article about Club Rallies. The main feature will be just about the joys and some of the formats for rallies and why people love them so much. He is planning on having a complete side-bar covering Tin Can Tourists, WBCCI and Airstream Forum Rallies. He would like to include quotes from TCT members concerning why they enjoy attending TCT or other group Gatherings, and any humorous tidbits or related stories. I would like to encourage TCT members to email Rick and share your thoughts and feelings. Be advised that when sending tidbits and funny stories or why you love to rally, you may be quoted and published in Airstream Life Magazine. Please be sure to include your full name to your emails to Rick for quoting properly. The following are copies of responses sent to Rick: Rick - I have a lot of reasons why I enjoy the Tin Can Tourists Rallies: - I have been attending the annual rally every year and have developed some friendships that I get to renew at the rallies. Some of the most interesting and wonderful people I've met in life have been through these rallies. Picnic tables, folding chairs, camp fires and the insides of vintage trailer must have a strange effect on people because they tend to open up and you have some great conversations. - I get to meet new people every time, from all walks of life and all parts of the country (including the Canada) - I enjoy the TCT rallies because they are organized just enough but not regimented. What I mean is that they provide just enough structure to give you things to do and times to be there but not to the point where you feel like you don't have time to do your own thing or wander around and meet people. - I especially enjoy the "open house" portion of the TCT rallies where you get to take a peek inside the trailers. The outsides and mechanicals are nice but the inside decorations complete the picture. Vintage trailering truly is a tag team sport with the men concentrating on the shell and moving parts, while the women dress them up to be inviting and warm. - I enjoy the rallies for the amount of information you can gather at one time. If you have a question or a problem to solve - just stand there looking perplexed and an expert will find you. Open a hood to an old tow vehicle and three guys will soon be in there getting greasy with you. Need a part or a tool, it will be over shortly. Everyone is willing to jump in and help someone in need. - I enjoy TCT rallies because they seem to never end - you go to a rally and then get invited to someone's house for the week or to another upcoming rally or show. You drive home and can't get out of the gas station because someone wants to tell you about the time they camped in a trailer just like yours when they were young. The experience goes on and on... Good morning- Sorry for the delay in responding back to your email. I just finished up the latest issue of Airstream Life which is going to press tonight. Thank you for responding and if I may, would love to ask a few questions- I have all I need from Airstream WBCCI rally folks, but I want to include other clubs which enjoy rallies and Airstreams! Q) You have been active with TCT for a long time now, is there one rally that just stands above all others and if so why? THE ONE RALLY THAT STANDS ABOVE ALL THE OTHER IS THE CELEBRATION OF THE 200 YEARS OF THE NATIONAL ROAD (US 40). THIS WAS SIMPLY OUTSTANDING, THE ORGANIZATION, THE TRIP, THE FUN WITH THE OTHERS, THE CHALLANGE OF DRIVING MY 1936 BUICK PULLING MY 1936 BOWLUS TRAILER. Q) Each rally has its own character, location and facilities, as a seasoned rallier, any special words of wisdom for the first time rallier? DO NOT WORRY ABOUT A THING, JUST COME AND HAVE FUN Another response to the questions: Q) As a member of TCT and attending rallies, what do you personally feel is the biggest draw for you to attend these rallies? The biggest draw for me is the variety of the coaches. You can see everything under the sun; from the 1930s to the 1980s and from teardrops, homebuilt, canned hams, breadboxes, silver palaces and RV's. There are trailers that show up that you won't see anywhere else except maybe a museum. Q) You have been active with TCT for a long time now, is there one rally that just stands above all others and if so why? I think the 10th anniversary rally last year stood out for me. There were some pretty unique events that occurred including the induction of Jeri-Ann and Forrest into the TCT Hall of Fame. Really each new rally just keeps getting better and better because I get to enjoy the experience with those I met previously and hopefully make a few more new friends. Q) Each rally has its own character, location and facilities, as a seasoned rallier, any special words of wisdom for the first time rallier? My words of wisdom are to don't be afraid to put yourself out there at a rally. Make an effort to meet your neighbors and meet new people. The rallies are as much about the people as they are about the trailers. There are some pretty amazing folks who come to the rallies, ask them about their trailer and you'll start up a conversation that could turn into a lifelong friendship. Camping is about sharing and the rallies are no different - share conversation and laughter, share some food and drinks, share your experience and wisdom and just have fun!

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