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===== Tin Can Tourists Chronology ===== {{oldimage1.jpg|}} * 1905 -Oscar Peter came to Tampa in a covered wagon * 1916 - One source pinpoints the organization in Arcadia, another stating they had held gatherings in Dade City, also * 1916 - Tampa source mentioned friendly trailorites visiting Tampa area * 1919 - Tin Can Tourists formally organized at Desoto Park in Tampa. Charles T. Fales was elected the first Royal Sargent. Charles was known as the "Mayor of Easy Street", the main street formed by campers in Desoto Park. The original recognition emblem of the T.C.T was a tin can soldered to the radiator cap of a member's car. The goals of the group were to provide its members with safe and clean camping areas, wholesome entertainment, and high moral values. {{oldimage2.jpg|}} * 1920 - "during prohibition something poured into Tampa (1919-20) almost faster than illegal whiskey. They were TCT riding a wave of what was to become Florida's swelling prosperity. During the winter of 1919-20 caravans of tourists who earned their money partly from canned meals they carried with them swarmed into Florida." From a book by Karl Grimmer, Tampa, A History of the City of Tampa and the Tampa Bay Region of Florida · 1920 - A DeSoto County News editorial urged immediate steps be taken to put a proposed tourist camp site in proper condition. The City of Arcadia Trailer Park was developed on Highway 17 and still serves travelers. * 1921 - DeSoto Park becomes the Tin Can Tourist's mecca. 723 camps with 1,841 persons * 1921 - March 15th - 18th, Tin Can Tourists Jubilee was held in Gainsville, Florida, activities included addresses by prominent men {{:history7.jpg|}} * After several annual conventions, the TCT were crowded out of Arcadia by those that came for the winter. Future gatherings were held in Sarasota, Ocala, then to various campgrounds * 1922 - February, Tin Can Tourists to hold Winter Reunion at Green Cove Springs, Florida, from The Dixie Highway magazine. * 1922 - April: Outdoor Life, covered TCT gathering * 1924 - December 23rd: Journal entry: left at 8:30 stopped at 1:00 for lunch in Hastings. Arrived in Deland about 6. Total mileage for trip 1893 Estimated 146 hours driving time 12.9 MPH * 1924 - Camping Tourists of America split for TCT to purchase 34 acres surrounding the Braden Plantation in Manatee County - Develop Braden Castle Park {{oldimage3.jpg|}} * 1925 - April: Popular Mechanics, V.43, PP.554-5, Article on TCT * 1926 - The TCT wore out the welcome at Tampa and moved to Arcadia. * 1928-29 - The "white-pants Willies" were beginning to take over the club. They wanted to change the name of the club to Tin Can Tourists of the World, started referring to the Royal Can Opener as the Royal Chief, and had dropped the old soup can on the radiator cap in favor of a fancy new diamond-shaped radiator emblem you had to pay fifty cents for! * 1930 - January: Tol and Ada Cline took a group of TCT to Carlstron Field, Arcadia, for swamp cabbage and barbecue prod and beef dinner * 1930 - Arthur Sherman displayed his Covered Wagon at the Detroit Auto Show. An old timer showed up and asked Sherman, "You TCT?" Sherman thought this might be some sort of union and shook his head. The gentleman replied, "You ought to be. If you want to sell these things forget about auto shows and join Tin Can Tourists. Get yourself down to a convention. * 1930s - TCT found they were no longer outsiders and undesirables. Suddenly they were being courted by every aggressive small town Chamber of Commerce in the state of Florida * 1935 - Over 1,000 rigs showed up at Sarasota's Municipal Trailer Park, the official TCT campsite · 1935 - "it might, indeed, be difficult to determine whether trailers have developed because of the Tin Can Tourists, or whether the TCT, have grown with the trailer." From Trailers Magazine, by Freeman Marsh * 1935 on - an official bell traveled with the TCT to be placed at the entrance to the camp ground. It was rung to signal each members arrival and call meetings together. {{:tcthistory:tctbell.png|}} {{:tcthistory:tctbellinfo.jpg?600}} * 1935 - A splinter group, the Automotive Tourists Association, broke away from TCT to protest the name (Tin Can Tourists) * 1936 - 1,500 rigs showed up in Sarasota * 1936 - A schism occurred and a formation of a rival group, the Automobile Tourists Association, pirated every last by-law of the TCT right down to its Golden Rule motto * 1936 - two thousand members attended a rally in Sandusky, Ohio * 1937 - Organization incorporated - Tin Can Tourists of American to Tin Can Tourists of the World. * 1937 - TCT moved back to Tampa * 1937 - Unseasonable warm weather in the Midwest prevented manufactures from bringing their trailers down to the convention * 1937 - a small quorum of TCTers at the winter convention moved the summer reunion from Sandusky, to a Menomonee Indian Reservation up in northern Wisconsin. Almost nobody came. * 1937 – Although both groups (ATA and TCT) tried to avoid conflicting dates for the Winter & Summer meets, the 1937 summer reunions were in direct conflict. This prevented involvement of both trailerites and exhibitors in Keshena, Wisconsin, site of TCT gathering. At the Winter Convention in Sarasota the membership voted to hold the 1938 Winter Convention in Mexico City. The newly elected officers put an end to that plan and Tampa was chosen for the Convention. The TCT Keshena meeting had atmosphere, but no crowd 400 units with a total attendance of 1,200; 78 Trailers were displayed by 25 manufactures; and 10 parts and accessory manufactures hawked their products. Many visitors lured by the promise of excellent fishing left when they were informed that the special licenses permitting them to fish on the reservation were recalled by the Indian Office in Washington because of a protest filed by the Indians themselves. 250 new members were added during the summer encampment bringing the membership to 24,000 (complete records have been kept the last few years). Membership estimates – recorded and unrecorded approximately 90,000. The ATA meet at Orchard Beach Park, Manistee Michigan was more generally attended and more enthusiastically received that the TCT meet in Keshena. ATA reported 430 units with 1,300 visitors. Many attendees came as early as a month early and didn’t depart until September. * 1938 - Membership numbered 30,000- Members arrived for Thanksgiving in Dade City, moved to Arcadia for Christmas, and by January, situated in Sarasota * 1938 – 400 units registered for Summer Reunion 48 units at trailer show {{8b29930r.jpg|}} * 1938 - Orchard Beach State Park, Manistee, Michigan, expanded facilities to host Tin Can Tourist conventions by adding 33 acres - allowing baseball to flourish . The present day indoor picnic shelter built to accommodate Tin Can Tourist meetings. * 1939 - Change in by-laws made it possible for members camped anywhere with a reasonable radius of the convention grounds (Tampa) to be included in the attendance roster. Last year 900 trailerites were barred from attendance through lack of space in the Sarasota campground. Oscar Peters, Royal Chief of TCT released an estimate of 3,000 members will be in attendance. - official roster (card index) holds 37,000 names. * 1939 – Winter Convention date changed to January 6-29 to avoid conflict with Florida State Fair. Date Change put it in conflict with ATA convention. Annual Homecoming at Arcadia has a capacity of 1,200 trailers * 1940 - Several thousand Tampans visit the manufacture's display of more than 100 brand new trailers all ready to hit the highways. Frank Van Epps, royal chief, said registrations were the largest number recorded with initiations being held daily. * 1940 - 1450 Coaches present at Winter Convention – 350 parked in parks on outskirts – 92 new coaches exhibited representing 24 manufactures, and 16 accessory exhibitors. Paid membership registration 1,984 with 865 new members. Spring Get-Together – held at Dade City, Florida March 11-16; Second Spring at Winter Garden Florida on March 23-30; Summer Reunion at Traverse City Michigan July 22 to August 3; and the Winter Convention at Tampa Florida from February 10-24, 1941. Note: Captain Edward H. Jungclas headed up ATA for many years – ATA had plans for sectional organizations whereby state or territorial chapters of the parent organization are formed – for small intimate meetings * 1941 - signed a formal agreement with city of Tampa to hold gatherings at a municipal trailer park in West Tampa on North Oregon Avenue. * 1945 - necrology (memorial service) programs were an annual part of gatherings * 1946 - After WW II, they gathered in Traverse City during the summer. {{TCTinTraverseCity.jpg|}} * 1948 - Attempted to change name to Trailer Coach Tourists. * 1948 - Life Magazine publish an article on TCT * 1949 - Membership numbered at 80,000 {{8b37175r.jpg|}} * 1956 - November 12th - 24th: A Thanksgiving reunion was held at Melbourne's Trailer Haven * 1959 - Another attempt at name change, prompted by cheapness associated with "Tin Can" name. Proposed name "Twentieth Century Tourists of the World" - although a plurality favored the change, the vote lacked a necessary two-thirds majority. * 1960's - group pictures showed members "in yellow snappy caps" with the TCT emblem. All officers had their hats on in pictures taken during this decade. * 1962-68 - the summer reunions were held in Traverse City, Michigan. * 1963 - Membership 100,000 claimed by group's bookkeepers * 1966-67 - A "swan song" meeting was held in 1966 and the next winter meetings held in Eustis. * 1972-73 - Summer reunion held in Portage, Wisconsin. * 1973-76 - Summer reunions were held in Chesaning, MI * 1978 - Summer reunion was held at Dick Smith's Locust Ranch in Dagger, Pa. * 1978 - Winter gatherings were spent at Eustis RV Park, Eustis, Florida. * 1998 - First Renewal Gathering held at Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan, on May 14th - 17th - 22 units in attendance * 1998 - [[|Tin Can Tourists Trademark registered on February 26, 1998]] * 1999 – Second Annual Gathering, Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan, May 20 - 23, 1999 - 39 units in attendance * 2000 - Winter Reunion, Tampa, Florida, in conjunction with the Florida Trade Show and Super Rally 11 units in attendance; Third Annual Gathering, Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan, May 18-21, 2001. 47 units in attendance· * 2001 Winter Reunion, Tampa, Florida, in conjunction with the Florida Trade Show and Super Rally 8 units in attendance; First Annual Southwest Gathering Phoenix, Arizona, in conjunction with the Pioneer Village Bluegrass Festival. 7 units in attendance ; Fourth Annual Gathering, Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan, May 17-20, 2001 48 units in attendance; Majestic Mt. Baker Rally, August 17-19, 2001. 30 units in attendance - portion of event financially supported by TCT * 2002 – Third Annual Winter Reunion, Royal Palms, Kissimmee, Florida, January 23-27, 2002, 18 units in attendance; Fifth Annual Gathering, May 16-19, 60 units in attendance Shelburne Museum Rally, Burlington, Vermont, May 31 to June 2, 25 units in attendance; Majestic Mt. Baker Rally, August, 27 units in attendance - partially support by TCT; Fall Campout at Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan; 35 units in attendance; Fall Fuel-up at Flywheel Park, Avon Park, Florida 13 units in attendance * 2003 – Winter Reunion, Kissimmee, Florida, Tropical Palms, 26 units in attendance; Sixth Annual Gathering, Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan: 55 units in attendance -Travel Channel/Discovery Network shot footage for “RV Crazy” for 2004 show – Ready to Roll Calendar Released, by Doug Keister; Fall Campout at Camp Dearborn – 26 units in attendance; Coverage by Detroit * 2004 – Southwest Gathering – Phoenix, Arizona – 24 units in attendance; Winter Convention at Flywheeler’s Park – 37 units in attendance coverage by RVTV of Ontario Canada; Seventh Annual Gathering - Camp Dearborn - 84 units in attendance - coverage by RVTV and Chicago Tribune; Mt. Baker Rally - 60 trailers and motor coaches in attendance - 12 TCT members in attendance;Fall Campout - Camp Dearborn - 46 units in attendance * 2005 - Southwest Gathering - Pioneer Park, Phoenix, Arizona - 28 units in attendance; Winter Convention - Florida Flywheeler’s Park – 51 units in attendance; Eighth Annual Convention - 115 units in attendance; Fall Campout & Flea Market - 77 units in attendance; Northeast Regional Rally - Sodom Mt. Massachusetts * 2006- Winter Convention - Cedar Key Florida - 50 units in attendance; Ninth Annual Gathering – Milford Michigan – 133 units in attendance; Historic National Road Caravan from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois. Stops at Grantsville, MD; Addison, PA; Uniontown, PA; Brownsville, PA; Wheeling, WV; NHR/Zane Gray Museum, Zanesville, OH; Columbus,OH;Springfield,OH;Richmond,IN; Knightstown, IN: Terre Haute, IN; Marshall, IL; Greenup, IL and Vandalia, IL. 29 units at the start, 27 finished. Five of the trailers were from the 1930’s including a Covered Wagon and a Curtiss Aerocar; Northeast TCT/Tearjerker Rally, Scarborough, Maine – 27 units in attendance; 2006 Fall Campout – 75 units in attendance; Going South Rally, SpencerNorth Carolina– 13 units in attendance;TrailerWorks Rally at Orlando Florida TCT invited - 9 TCT units in attendance * 2006 - Historic National Road Caravan - The Tin Can Tourists have been honored by the Six State Alliance of the Historic National Road by being chosen to participate in the Bicentennial Celebration. TCT in conjunction with the Six State Alliance have chosen 30 vintage trailers and motor coaches to travel the road from June 4-10, 2006 from mile marker zero in Cumberland, Maryland to its original terminus in Vandalia, Illinois. The selected RV´s will represent some of the industries premier manufactures from Airstream to Vagabond. Tow vehicles of similar vintage will tow many of the rigs. The Caravan will give people along the route a chance to see a rare Curtiss Aero Car towed by a custom International for the late 1930s and a 1936 Bowlus Road Chief towed by a 1937 Buick Roadmaster as well as other fine examples of trailers and motor coaches from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. [[]] * 2006 - Forrest Bone was bestowed the title of "Exalted Chief Royal Can Opener of the Tin Can Tourists" * 2007 Winter Convention – Cedar Key, Florida 44 units - Tenth Annual Gathering – Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan “A Backward Glance” 140 Units in attendance - Gilmore Museum – Red Barns Spectacular – 27 Units in attendance – Hindley’s People’s Choice Winners - Great Canadian Hideaway – TCT/Glassers – 12 Units in attendance – Mulligan Stew Spectacular - Algonac Truck Show – attendance dampened by rain – coming back in * 2008 - Fall Campout and Flea Market – 70 units in attendance – Rolls International trailer given away – Grim Brother’s winners - Koreshan Unity Settlement Vintage Trailer and Motor Coach Rally and Show – 16 rigs in attendance – near 800 visitors to Saturday’s show - will become an annual event * 2008 88th Winter Convention – Lake Manatee State Park – 50 rigs in attendance – Open House very well attended - TCT Return to Archer – 14 units parked around old city hall – group recreated the picture of autocampers around the building in 1924 * 2008 TCT Return to Archer – Archer Florida –15 units in attendance - Armand Caldron’s home the former city hall – recreated the picture from 1921 of TCT campers staying on the grounds * 2008 - [[|Tin Can Tourists Trademark renewed January 23, 2008]] * 2008 Eleventh Annual Gathering – Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan – 132 units in attendance – feeling the effects of $4.00 per gallon of gas. Dr. Holman Sr. posthumously inducted into the TCT Hall of Fame; Terry and Michelle Bone inducted also. * 2008 Special invitation only to Fleetwood Cruize In at Steve Plunketts – London Ontario – 2500 cars in on Saturday – entertainment provided by Little Anthony and the Imperials + Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – 15 units invited by Ken Hindley * 2008 Vicksburg Historical Village Campout and Car Show – Ken and Lee Evensen hosted 15 units – great location and show * 2008 St. Clair Sesquicentennial Celebration – 13 units in attendance – TCT has been asked to participate in future Vintage Boat and Trailer Shows 2008 Red Barns Spectacular – 24 units in attendance – McCool’s, Parson’s & Conway’s award winners * 2008 Ontario Canada Campout – Rick Myers host 9 units in attendance * 2008 Ferndale Retro Fest and Dream Cruise – 9 units in attendance – our Urban Camping Group – Host John Truitt * 2008 8th Annual Fabulous Mt. Baker Vintage Trailer Rally – 42 TCT members in attendance – Forrest presented “The History of TCT” * 2008 First Annual Northeast Regional Rally – Sampson State Park – Finger Lakes Region – hosted by Bill and Denise Fletcher, NE Regional Representatives – 32 units in attendance * 2008 First Annual California Regional Rally, Coloma, California – October 16-20 Hosted by Penny Cotter and Charlie Neinow – Jeri and Forrest attended – History of TCT presented – 31 units in attendance * 2008 Koreshan Unity Settlement Rally & Show – Hosted by TCT and Koreshan State Park – 14 units in attendance * 2009 Cedar Key Campout – 40 units – Gathering highlighted by a fish fry put on by the Heintz family. Tim Heintz is the Southeast Regional Representative 2009 Winter Convention – Lake Manatee State Park – Park sold out – 50 units in attendance * 2009 12th Annual Gathering – Camp Dearborn, Milford Michigan – 160 in attendance – first time we have sold out camp * 2009 – First Annual Western Canada Vintage Trailer Gathering – Gerry and Sue Measures Western Canada Regional Representatives hosts * 2009 – Vicksburg Campout and Car Show – Vicksburg, Michigan Ken & Lee Evensen hosts – limited to 20 units * 2009 TCT Presentation at the Lincoln Highway Conference – showed trailers at the RV Heritage Museum for LHA members * 2009 St. Clair Vintage Boat and Trailer Show – Limited to 20 units St. Clair, Michigan * 2009 Red Barns Spectacular, Gilmore Automotive Museum, Hickory Corners, Michigan – 20 units in attendance * 2009 Fall Campout and Flea Market – Camp Dearborn, Milford Michigan – 107 units in attendance * 2009 2nd Annual Northeast Regional Gathering – Sampson State Park, Finger Lakes Region New York Sold Out all 60 spaces * 2009 TCT Nashville Music Rally – hosted by Bob & Jewel Dee Muncy – 15 Units in attendance * 2009 California Regional Rally – Coloma, California – Sold out – 30 units * 2009 American on the Road – Hilton Head Concours – selected TCT members participating in display * 2009 Koreshan Unity Settlement Gathering & Show Limited to 20 units * 2010 Cedar Key Dade Battlefield to celebrate Florida State Parks 75th Anniversary * 2010 90th Annual Winter Convention - Lake Manatee State Park, Bradenton, FL. Limited to 50 units. Sold out. * 2010 13th Annual Gathering - Camp Dearborn, Milford, Michigan * 2010 Enchanted Encampment 2nd Annual Southwest Gathering - Rancho Sedona RV Park, Sedona Arizona * 2010 Third Annual TCT Northeastern Regional Gathering - Sampson State Park, Finger Lake Region, New York * 2010 Pennsylvania Route 6 Caravan - June 3rd meet at staging area in Ohio; traveling east stops will take place at the Brookdale Family Campground outside Meadville; City of Port Allegany; Alleghany River Campground; City of Galeton; City of Mansfield; return west on Route 6 to Conneaut Lake Park; a farewell Breakfast will end the event on June 14 th . Each area stop will allow for two day stays in the area. Each stop will provide a meal for the caravan participants. An open house will be provided by TCT on one of the days. Almost all the overnight stays are being provided for free by the host community or campground. * 2010 Second Annual Western Canadian Tin Can Tourists Vintage Trailer Meet. Gathering of TCT members in British Columbia and surrounding area. Son’s of Norway Camp, Mission BC * 2010 30th Annual Vicksburg Old Car Festival - Vicksburg, MI, south of Kalamazoo * 2010 Vintage Camper Show – Port Crescent State Park - Port Crescent State Park, Port Austin, MI * 2010 RV Industry Centennial Celebration Rally in conjunction with the Good Sam Club’s THE RALLY - Kentucky State Fairgrounds, Louisville, Kentucky * 2010 St. Clair Vintage Boat and Trailer show - St. Clair Boat Harbor, St. Clair, Michigan. * 2010 Port Sanilac Boat Show - Vintage Boats and Vintage Trailers and Motor Coaches * 2010 The Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th Anniversary 1935-2010 - Cumberland Knob, North Carolina * 2010 Fall Gathering - Camp Dearborn, Milford Michigan. Fall fun, great food, open house and flea market * 2010 3rd Annual California Regional Gathering - Coloma Resort, Coloma California * 2010 4th Annual Koreshan Unity Settlement Vintage RV Show, Celebration the Florida Park Service’s 75th Anniversary - Koreshan State Historic Site, 3800 Corkscrew Road, Estero, FL 33928

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