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-====== Tralette ====== 
-===== Manufacturer Information ===== 
-Tralette, also known as a Peninsular, circa 1935. Very unique antique travel trailer. Built between 1932 to 1936. Designed to expand truck space and as a sleeper. It has vent swing outs front and rear, a spare tire well inside the rear door, cast iron radial member frame with single cast iron wheel well in the center. Optionally, they had a tent that draped over the opened rear door and a wood floor extension to facilitate two sleepers. All body panels were stamped. It trailers very well. It was a competitor to the Mullins clamshell trailer at twice the price. ​ 
-===== Years built ===== 
-===== Pictures ===== 
-===== Clubs/Links ===== 
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