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====== Travelogue of Travel with a Travelo ====== **From the original manuscripts of Samuel A. Esser** //Introduction by Paul Dobbin// In 1937, My Grandfather, Samuel A. Esser bought a new 17 foot Travelo travel trailer for a family trip across the United States. With his wife and his 20-year old daughter, (my grandmother and my mother) he had the adventure of a lifetime with his family. He kept a log of this 7000 mile adventure that’s still interesting to this day. Before Interstate Highways, giant motor homes, slide outs, GPS and RV Resorts, they traveled in style to see things most people only read about. To see many of the wonders of the world and some of the wonder why’s. They followed a trail of wanderlust that many modern-day RVers try to recapture today. With Travel Trailers with name brands like the Kozy Camp or Rolling Home and the Ozark, they pulled their Travelo with its masonite sides and varnished canvas roof to Tourist Camps and Parks when available and dry camped without hookups elsewhere when there were none, just like today. The story ismotor homes, right up to now when we spend about 100 nights on the road towing our antique car, as third generation RVer’s. I’ve retyped the story without changes and added photos from my mother’s old photo album (and a few others) to bring a visual reality to the story, of one family’s big trip around America, that happened 70 years ago! I hope you enjoy this short story of family adventure and discovery from 1937. In the process of typing and adding photos to my Grandpa Esser’s Travelogue, I found many similarities and traits in us that must be hereditary in addition to getting his red hair. //– Paul Dobbin, Grandson of the Pilot & Chief Engineer aboard “Betsey”// [[|Full Story - 6Meg PDF file]]

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